Go Flaunt It App Presents the Netflix of Fitness DVDs

Recently launched worldwide, an innovative iOS app aimed at fitness fanatics presents a Netflix-style subscription package featuring the globe’s best trainers. San Francisco-based Go Flaunt It is the first app of its kind to offer a wide selection of workouts from 100+ trainers, allowing users to create personalized playlists, which can be downloaded for offline viewing. 

The app gives access to hundreds of full-length fitness DVDs with a library of thousands of chapters which are constantly being updated. All videos are of high quality and are distributed via a robust Content Delivery Network (CDN) which delivers high performance video streaming to mitigate buffering.

The content features workouts from some of the world’s most renowned fitness trainers including celebrity yoga teacher Charlotte Dodson (clients include Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler, Basil Iwanyk, Phoebe Tonkin, Lara Bingle, Stephanie Rice, Kit Willow, Camilla Franks and Leah Wood) and famous MMA coach Kevin Kearns (strength and conditioning coach for professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters including Alberto Crane, Kenny Florian, Marcus Davis, and Din Thomas).  Users can also enjoy workouts from Anthony DiLuglio, one of America’s top kettlebell trainers and creator of Ropes Gone Wild.

Go Flaunt It selects the world’s best trainers and puts them all in one place. For yoga routines good enough for celebrities, there’s Hollywood’s answer to the stars Jessica James, who boasts clients such as Jessica Alba and Kate Beckinsale. For users more interested in strength training, kettlebell trainer Missy Beaver has Katherine Heigl and the cast of Grey’s Anatomy in her client list.

The iOS app is accessible from iPhones and iPads, with an Android app and desktop player being developed for launch in early 2015. Once the app is downloaded, people anywhere in the world can enjoy unlimited top-level fitness training at their fingertips. Subscribers can choose to work out to full-length DVD workouts or chapters varying in length, enabling users to fit in fitness around their lifestyles.  The customization available in the Go Flaunt It app is what sets it apart from anything before it, as fitness enthusiasts can even build rest time into their personal playlists.

The brainchild of Brian Kidder and Heidi Koh, the duo have brought together world-class trainers from the US, Australia, Mexico, Canada and the UK spanning a broad range of fitness genres.  From Pilates to kickboxing and aerobics to combat sport, there is something to suit everyone, including special requirement fitness programmes such as pre/post pregnancy or training for seniors.

Brian Kidder, Co-founder of Go Flaunt It said, “Tired of the same old workouts and fed up of the scratched discs and associated costs, we decided to bring all of these videos together in one place, in a format most useful from the user’s point of viewNow with Go Flaunt It, you never have to be bored exercising on your own terms again as we’ve brought you thousands of videos for you to personalize into your very own playlist, like is possible on iTunes and Spotify.”  

The platform can be accessed via any iOS capable device, making it ideal for when users are either at home, or on the move. An all-in user membership subscription is $14.99 per month and Go Flaunt It is currently offering a free seven-day trial.

Go Flaunt It is the only workout tool you’ll ever need. 

To find out more about Go Flaunt It, visit http://www.goflauntit.com/

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About Go Flaunt It: Our extensive range of fitness videos can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at any time, whether you’re on the move or in your own home. Choose the workouts YOU enjoy and create varied, motivational playlists which you’ll want to watch over and over again. Benefit from expert advice, insider tips and results-driven routines which will ensure you can Go Flaunt It!