Go Mobile With Sundial Teamscapes Teambuilding at Your Workplace

Sundial Teamscapes’ team building exercises are renowned for delivering experiential learning and helping employees or groups to work more coherently and effectively as a team unit. However, for the larger or further flung team units wishing to participate in the events, transport, timing, accommodation and time away from the workplace can be a stumbling block. Many businesses find it difficult to simply down tools and head for a Midlands meeting venue for their team building day, not to mention the complications involved with heading for venues that are far away. Sundial Teamscapes has seen the demand for an accessible service within reach of every business, and their mobile team building activities can be held all over the country. They require the same levels of focus, skill and application to complete as any out-of-office team building activity, and they produce the same results with regards to teamwork and individual development.

The flexible approach of the mobile team building unit means that they can come to any workplace in the country. Whether planning a festive finish to the year for employees to bond and hone their skills, or a New Year morale booster to encourage development and detoxify the team after a long Christmas, the unit can be arranged to visit any venue and create a bespoke session for any team. There are a selection of icebreakers which can kick-start the event and allow delegates to become comfortable with the surroundings, before the real tasks begin. All of the indoor team-building events which are usually available at the three Sundial venues are also available within their mobile unit; there are over twenty in total, and all of them focus on improving or honing two or three specific skills that are necessary for workplace success.

The logistics involved in transporting an entire team to a second location whilst arranging cover for workloads and meetings can often be the sticking point where team building events are considered, but the accommodating nature of Sundial’s mobile unit can ensure that these issues are irrelevant. Even if the workplace isn’t entirely suitable to host a team building exercise, they can be held in local school or church halls, in community centres or even a local sports field. The activities last for just one hour each, so there can be minimum disruption to the workplace; teams could rotate in small groups so that there are never a large chunk of employees away from the workplace, or activities could be carried out during a lunch break or in the hour immediately after working hours are over.

To find out more about Sundial Teamscapes’ range of teambuilding exercises and to design a bespoke programme, visit http://www.sundialteamscapes.com

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About Sundial Group: The Sundial Teamscapes team building activity toolkit is the next generation of work-based development, with straightforward delivery of powerful learning outcomes in a format with which everyone will engage.

Step away from classroom based learning and instead connect with simulations of everyday challenges in a non-threatening environment, to observe how the individuals in your team respond to situations and to each other, in order to develop.

Teamscapes can be delivered at any venue or at your workplace.  The toolkit has a selection of indoor and outdoor team building activities, as well as culinary-based activities.