Goodbye to your Dentist Nightmares and Hello to Your New Smile, with ‘Hello Dental’

A Colchester dental practice is helping hundreds of patients to wave goodbye to their dentist nightmares, and say hello to a sparkling new smile, after it was revealed that fear of the dentists is the nation’s third most common phobia – after spiders and heights.

Hello Dental is one of Colchester’s leading practices, with expertise in helping nervous patients overcome their ‘odontophobia’ – fear of visiting the dentist. It’s estimated that around 10% of people have an irrational fear of visiting the dentist. Many people choosing to forego their check-ups and essential dental treatment because of their phobia. Designed around the needs of people who don't like the dentist, Hello Dental is helping these nervous patients get the dental work they need, so they can show off a sparkling new smile. 

Dentist Neel Sanghavi of Hello Dental says, “Fear and embarrassment of visiting the dentist puts too many people off seeking the care they need until they are in pain.  We are passionate about breaking that cycle and have carefully thought about every technology, technique and system to make things as comfortable and relaxing as possible to ease their journey into regular dental care. Our mission and expertise is in helping these people overcome their fear, regain their confidence and eat, socialise and smile again.”

“We have worked with individuals suffering from a wide range of dental anxieties – from a general fear of dentistry, to more specific phobias like trypanophobia (a fear of needles) and those who have particularly strong gag reflexes. By listening to our patients’ concerns and working with them to conquer their anxieties, we have given hundreds of patients the dental care they need, and the beautiful smile they deserve.”

One example of Hello Dental’s unique anxiety-beating service is the advanced technology they use for many treatments. Hello Dental is the only practice in Colchester and Ipswich to use laser dentistry – technology that means less injections, less drilling and better quicker healing for many dental procedures. The team also use an innovation named ‘The Wand’ which mean more comfortable numbing using a computer controlled anaesthetic delivery system.

But of course, the technology is just a small part of the process. As well as adopting a caring and patient approach with all their clients, Hello Dental has expertise in the field of medical hypnosis which allows people to learn how to control their feelings and fears themselves, with many people virtually overcoming their fear.

The team have helped those suffering from odontophobia to forget their worries and anxieties, allowing them to get the dental work they need without panic or fear. The first step starts with a free no obligation chat.

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