Goya Art Resources Launches with Milestone Marble Columns

One of Melbourne’s most coveted galleries is expanding its presence and launching a brand new entity in 2016. Targeting the secondary market, Goya Art Resources will showcase a curated collection sourced from across the globe. The new division of Goya Galleries will mark the milestone opening with an exclusive assembly of marble columns designed by legendary architect, Ieoh Ming Pei.

As museum quality pieces, the columns are worth over $2 million. From hotel foyers and commercial buildings to private collections and the residences of well-heeled individuals, the columns are an aristocratic addition to any compendia. 

“We wanted to throw open the doors of Goya Art Resources with a flourish, and the exclusive marble columns from the eminent I. M. Pei couldn’t have marked the occasion with more audacity,” comments Goya.

Steeped in exclusivity, the columns are one of a kind pieces. Chinese American architect I. M. Pei is the mastermind behind the marble titans, drawing inspiration from the lofty proportions of his previous masterpieces. As an internationally renowned architect, I M Pei is responsible for some of the world’s most spectacular edifices. He dreamt up the impossible angles of the iconic glass Louvre Pyramid, famous for its resplendent glass panes and metal spars. He also imagined the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado, the John F. Kennedy Library in Massachusetts, the Dallas City Hall and the East Building of the National Gallery of Art.

With a current production price tag of nearly 3 million dollars, this is a fantastic opportunity to secure what has been hailed as the world’s most expensive column. When Australian museums got wind of the columns there was a flurry to secure the pieces as donations. This reflects the exhibition worthy nature of the columns, and their status as highly sought after works of art.    

With a presence in Melbourne, London and Kuala Lumpur, Goya Galleries has cemented its status as an international entity. The collection is currently housed in Australia, and is ready to be shipped to international customers on-demand.

For more information about Goya Art Resources and the collection of columns designed by the legendary I. M. Pei, contact: Chiara Goya. Tel: AUS: 0061 03 95963326.  MYR: 0060 03 78869442. Email: chiara@goyagalleries.com or visit the website: http://goyagalleries.com.au/


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Goya Art Resources is a contemporary commercial fine art gallery specializing in fine art paintings and sculpture from the ROAR artists of Melbourne, and international artists. Goya Art Resources is the latest entity of Goya Galleries, serving as a platform for the secondary art market.

Chiara Goya stands as Director of Goya Art Resources. She has a long standing history in the art arena, with a wealth of experience as a Gallerist, Art Dealer, and Art Consultant.