Greek Authorities Turn To Flyers To Push Vital Message

Police and government official in debt-stricken Greece have printed around 1.5 million leaflets in 13 different languages detailing ways in which migrants can return to their own countries without having to foot the bill themselves. Financed by the European Union, the project intends to raise the number of foreign inhabitants returning to their country of origin amidst a wave of social exclusion and escalating racist violence in the country. A worrying number of alleged xenophobic crimes have taken place in recent months, and the authorities are taking steps to try to lower these figures. It is predicted that Greece has almost 1.5 million foreign residents, with more than half a million of these lacking valid documents to cement their status as a citizen, and with the country in such a volatile financial state, the government are urging those who are illegally residing in the country to leave to reduce the risk of further unrest.

The printed leaflet campaign will largely take place in the area around the Athens immigration authority, but it is planned that the informational leaflets will also be available to local businesses or shops which employ immigrants. Local diplomatic and municipal authorities will also have access to the flyers, which contain instructions in all of the world’s main languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Urdu.

The approach by the government illustrates just how successful and effective printed flyers and leaflets still are at conveying even the most important of messages. Different approaches were considered and it was decided that the most convenient way to inform immigrants of their rights was through an extensive flyering campaign. Greece is saddled with debt and any cost-cutting exercises are welcomed in an effort to reduce the huge deficit, and this flyer campaign is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure that those living in Greece are aware that there are ways in which they can leave should they want to. Such vital information can now be distributed where it is most needed; in the city of Athens where many immigrants flock to find work and accommodation.

From small businesses and local events all the way up to the highest echelons of government and the European Union, printed flyer and leaflet campaigns are highly applicable and successful ways to spread information and to raise awareness about particular subjects. Despite the numerous digital pathways that are now available to many, these traditional methods are still proving to be the most effective way to impart information quickly and efficiently without denting an already constricted budget.

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