Groundbreaking Alumni Engagement Online Training System Launched

A complete online training system, Linked4Alumni, has been launched today to equip higher education professionals to leverage the power of LinkedIn and drive up alumni engagement.

The world's number one professional online network, LinkedIn holds many solutions to the uphill struggle faced by higher education institutions in locating and engaging with their alumni.

Offering an easy route map to navigating LinkedIn, Linked4Alumni provides the knowledge, skills and confidence to rapidly find, connect and engage with alumni.

It’s ideal for advancement, alumni, communication and marketing professionals in any location keen to encourage real engagement with alumni and shine in their role. 

The Natural Alumni Meeting Place

It was after working with a number of higher education organisations that Sarah Hughes, ‘The UK LinkedIn Expert’ and Founder of Linked4Success, saw the need for Linked4Alumni:

“With more than 300 million members providing a truly global reach, LinkedIn is the natural alumni meeting place. Yet few understand how to harness its true power.

“I developed Linked4Alumni in response to the very real challenges higher education professionals face in finding and engaging with disinterested and hard to reach alumni.”

Linked4Alumni comprises step-by-step video tutorials, templates and guides and draws on Sarah’s award-winning marketing expertise to offer insights into the psychology of attraction.

Linked4Alumni is based upon sound marketing principles to compel attention and engagement, super-charging subscribers’ LinkedIn knowledge and providing the tools to create, manage and grow vibrant LinkedIn Groups and Organisation Page Followers.

The Complete Online Training System To Reach Alumni With Ease

With instant access step-by-step video tutorials it’s like having Sarah by your side, guiding you through exactly what to do.

A wealth of other resources is included, such as power copy templates, expert guides and a treasure chest of marketing insight to power alumni engagement.

With Linked4Alumni including a LinkedIn Group Owner Masterclass programme, it’s essential viewing for LinkedIn Group Managers who struggle to gain real traction with their group.

Available online 24/7, Linked4Alumni is suitable for complete novices and seasoned LinkedIn users alike and comprises 10 practical modules:

1.     Welcome and Strategy
2.     Navigating LinkedIn
3.     Magnetising Your Personal Profile
4.     Growing, Protecting and Communicating With Your Network
5.     Company Pages
6.     Your Education/College Page
7.     LinkedIn’s Awesome Alumni Service!
8.     LinkedIn Groups In Overview
9.     Master Class in Creating, Growing and Managing Your Own LinkedIn Group
10.  Complete Social Media Management Tools

User Reviews

Rob Misselbrook is with The University of Exeter, "Linked4Alumni is a must-buy for every educational establishment that wants to transform its alumni engagement and more easily reach new, relevant audiences. 

“Sarah's ability to expertly apply her knowledge of LinkedIn, marketing and psychology to finding and engaging with alumni is truly impressive. We've greatly benefitted and I'm sure you will too." 

Kate King, of Lydbury English Centre is similarly positive, “This is seriously the most impressive ‘technical’ training I have ever used. Practical and accessible, it gives incredible results for very little time and investment.“

Zero-Risk Investment

So confident is Sarah Hughes in the power of Linked4Alumni, that she is offering it with an absolutely no-quibble 60-day money back guarantee, if for any reason the organisation doesn’t wish to keep the system.

Challenges Faced In Communicating With Alumni

Sarah Hughes sees higher education professionals facing a mountain of challenges, “Many understandably struggle with locating alumni and then securing engagement from them, especially if the alumnus doesn’t particularly identify themself with the organisation.

“It’s vital to create a real dialogue with alumni by understanding what they need in order to want to relate to their university, college or school. Linked4Alumni equips them to do this.”

With increasingly fewer resources and more pressure than ever, the costs of not securing alumni engagement are high.

An increasingly savvy student population chooses their educational provider not just on the course at hand but on the lifetime value the institution provides to its alumni.

Ignore LinkedIn At Your Peril

With 40,948 Universities, 29,231 Colleges and 64,056 Schools and related alliances, LinkedIn is also education’s meeting place, a destination definitely not to be missed.

Here are four other reasons why higher education professionals who ignore LinkedIn do so at their peril:

  1. Your alumni are GUARANTEED to be there!
  2. With 145,639 Alumni LinkedIn Groups, it’s where almuni gather
  3. It’s a fantastic way of rapidly building your social proof through student recommendations
  4. You’re just two clicks away from your hardest to reach alumni, equipping you to find and connect with  them in seconds for free.

To see a demo of Linked4Alumni, visit

About Linked4Alumni –

Who is Linked4Alumni suitable for?

Those with…

  • Restricted marketing budgets who need to achieve a lot with a little!
  • Free or paid for LinkedIn memberships & everyone from LinkedIn novices to experts
  • Managers of LinkedIn Groups who’ve yet to grow the group membership or activity to the levels they’d want
  • Barely any free time as it’s more important than ever to have a proven system at your fingertips that generates results.

Here’s what the system comprises:

Module 1 – Welcome and Strategy

  • How to use Linked4Alumni (Video)
  • Creating your strategy to leverage LinkedIn to find and successfully connect with alumni, undergraduates, prospective students and other stakeholders (Video)
  • The 3 Ps – Purpose, Professionalism, Personality
  • Ensuring You Answer the WIIFM Question (What’s In It For Me?)

Module 2 - Getting to Know and Navigating LinkedIn

  • Understanding LinkedIn, Advanced Search (Video)
  • Navigating The Main Toolbar and Homepage (Video)

Module 3 – Magnetising Your Personal Profile

  • Creating a Magnetic Profile (Video)
  • 7 Power Plays (PDF Guide)

Module 4 – Growing, Protecting and Communicating With Your Network

  • Growing and Protecting Your Network (Video)
  • Communicating with Your Network  (2 Videos)
  • Rapport-Building Case Studies (Video)

Module 5 - Company Pages

  • Your Company Page (2 Videos)

Module 6 – Education/College Page

  • Introduction to the University Page - purpose and stakeholders (PDF Guide)
  • Becoming an Administrator and Administrator functionality  (PDF Guide)
  • Editing page content and Custom target updates
  • Features (Notables, Groups, Recommendations)

Module 7 – LinkedIn’s Awesome Alumni Service!

  • 11 Reasons To Use It (Video)
  • How To Use It including Targeting Exactly Who You Want To Reach With The 6 Search Filter Must-Knows and Promoting Your Successes, Target Your Communications and Aid Your Recruitment Drive (Video)

Module 8 – LinkedIn Groups In Overview

  • Groups (2 Videos)

Module 9 – Creating, Growing and Managing Your Own LinkedIn Group MasterClass

  • Introduction to the Power of Groups (Video)
  • The 8 Essential Questions To Ask Before Setting Up Your Group
  • The Exact Way To Set Up Your Group (PDF Guide)
  • How to Promote and Grow your Group including the 6 Ways To Promote Your Group Within LinkedIn and The 30 Ways Outside of LinkedIn (PDF Guide)
  • 6 Ways To Monitor, Manage and Engage Your Group (PDF Guide)
  • The Main Dangers To Be Aware Of When Owning Or Managing a Group Including How To Close A Group (PDF Guide)
  • LinkedIn Groups – Useful Stats (PDF Guide)

Module 10 – Complete Social Media Management Tools

  • How to Structure and Manage Your Social Media (Video)
  • How To Create Your Communications Calendar (PDF Guide)
  • Your Communications Calendar Template (Excel file).

Media Contact

Sarah Hughes at Linked4Success on +44(0121) 363 0077 or email

Notes to Editors

Available on request:

Interview with Linked4Alumni’s creator, Sarah HughesImagery of the productFeatures on LinkedIn and how to leverage it.

About Linked4Success and Sarah Hughes –

A successful entrepreneur, Sarah started her first marketing business in 2002, before founding Linked4Success in 2010 to equip individuals and organisations to unlock the power of LinkedIn.

Regarded as “The UK LinkedIn Expert”, she delivers face-to-face workshops and strategies in the UK and overseas. 

She is also the creator of Linked4Leads, the ground-breaking online training system that equips you to generate leads for free by leveraging LinkedIn.

Having developed Linked4Leads for business development professionals, she started working with universities and other educational establishments on a one to one basis to equip them to transform their marketing results and quickly saw the need for Linked4Alumni.





It’s vital to create a real dialogue with alumni by understanding what they need in order to want to relate to their university, college or school. Linked4Alumni equips them to do this
Sarah Hughes