Hark Back To the Stylish 60s With Mad Men-Inspired Furniture

Every now and then, a TV show comes to light which doesn’t just change the face of television, but also a number of co-existing industries; Mad Men is one of these shows. Set against the endlessly stylish backdrop of 1960s New York, in the glamorous world of commercial advertising, the show has sent people across the fashion and furniture industries clamouring to imitate the effortless style of Don Draper, Joan Holloway and their colleagues. The wiggle dresses, the beehives and the elegant pearls appeal to fashionistas across the world, while the walnut-panelled offices and the genuine leather sofas are enough to make anyone dream of remodelling their home or office. Now entering its sixth season to critical acclaim, Mad Men has brought signature 60s style back to the forefront of every fashion magazine or interior design catalogue, and the show continues to make audiences long to replicate this classy, elegant era within their own lives.

Mad Men is set in the early 1960s, when modernism was still a fresh idea, but had been given time to mature and become a more coherent theme. The show has helped to steer public perception of the late 50s and early 60s away from the idea that all interiors were decorated in garish moulded plastic furniture with bright orange accents. With its rich real leather sofas in every office, the classy smoking accessories on every surface and the rosewood desks, the set designers working on Mad Men have created a faithfully realistic and classy depiction of office life during the early 60s.

Don Draper’s office is the hub of the show; Don is the lead character, the handsome, charismatic ad executive with a beautiful wife, a doting family and a mysterious past. His office is everything that a man of the 1960s would want, with its rich, dark wood surfaces, glass walls and black leather upholstery. Don is a traditional man in every sense of the word; his office does not push the boundaries of style, but remains more quintessentially early-60s, with only the merest nod to futuristic trends. His slick corporate look is one of the most widely-imitated styles from the Mad Men phenomenon and is one of the iconic images that will remain after the show’s finale.

Interestingly, it is Roger Sterling’s office which reflects the more modern 1960s look. Roger starts the show senior to Don in both age and position within the company, and yet his flawless white office reflects a forward-thinking and modern Madison Avenue man. The sleek white modernism in this office creates an immaculate look for a man of power; as preened and polished as Roger himself. The green and red pops of colour are typical of the age, while the chic white leather sofa and the iconic art on every wall depict a man trying to stay relevant and ahead of the curve.

One of the most attractive elements of the Mad Men look is how easy it is to replicate, or at least imitate the look within the modern home. Whilst procuring Bridget Riley paintings and original 1960s furniture might be a tough ask, there are plenty of stunning imitations which are available to buy, with famous Eames lounge chairs and chaise lounge some of the most popular items of furniture on the market today. The look can be adapted as much or as little as desired; full walnut-clad walls and mahogany furniture will give a room an all-encompassing sense of the 1960s, whilst little touches such as mod Pucci fabrics and pops of orange or magenta against modernist white will give a room a charming echo of the stylish era gone by. 

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