Hay Diet launches to offer a healthy way to lose weight

A 90-year-old diet technique is at the forefront of health and weight management news thanks to its impressive results and easy methods. The Hay Diet is based on the principle of segregating certain food types to maintain a healthy weight. Now www.haydiet.co.uk is set to offer dieters the chance to become part of its growing community and discover what this diet can do for them.

First created in the 1920s by physician William Howard Hay, the Hay Diet has stood the test of time and has garnered much praise by nutrition experts for its far-reaching health benefits as well as its ability to help manage body weight. Unlike faddy crash diets or cleanses, the Hay Diet promotes the idea that it’s not so much what you eat, but it’s what you choose to eat with it.

The key to the diet is understanding that some food groups shouldn’t be consumed with others. One such mix is carbohydrates and proteins. Whilst following the Hay Diet no one meal should contain both protein and carbohydrates at one sitting. This is because dieters believe that the body’s natural ability to digest food and burn fat is hindered and slowed down by tackling both protein and carbohydrate foods at the same time. In the Hay Diet framework, food is also grouped into two further categories – alkaline and acidic. This is to ensure that ones diet is not too acidic as this is believed to be the cause of health complications such as acid indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).The diet is also known to have greatly benefitted followers suffering with serious health complications such as allergies, arthritis and diabetes.

www.haydiet.co.uk is an invaluable source of support and information for anyone who is keen to see what this simple, fuss-free diet can do for them. With an increasing range of Hay Diet friendly recipes grouped by breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s easy to plan and stay on track with the diet. The site also boasts a message forum that’s buzzing with like-minded people who are keen to swap tips and stories about the diet while helping to keep each other motivated and supported.

Featuring a handy breakdown of various food groups and a simple table to explain which food types can be mixed with others, the site offers a clear-cut method for eliminating bad food matches from your every day diet. It is an invaluable resource that can be referenced as a guide before meal times and throughout the day.

Creator of the website HayDiet.co.uk Philip Edwards said, “Several celebrities and health experts have been very vocal about their positive experiences with the Hay Diet. It is the perfect method for those who are looking to implement clean, healthy habits to boost their fat-burning abilities and boost their energy levels rather than a get-thin-quick scheme which often fails and leaves dieters with low energy and no significant difference in their weight.”

The site provides free information for anyone wanting to get started and provides additional support via membership starting from just £3.99 a month and members can enjoy the benefits of a diet e-plan, a progress report display and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Membership Plus also includes a personal assistant, so it’s fun and easy to check on progress and get tips on how the diet will help return your body to function back to its natural healthy state.

To find out more about the Hay Diet website and to sign up to become a member, visit www.haydiet.co.uk.

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