Head Down To The Farm with MyRealGames’ Array of Time Management Titles

If you’ve ever felt like mucking out on the farm, feeding chickens and milking cows, your luck is in! MyRealGames, the online gaming site, has a multitude of farm-oriented time management games so gamers can test their agricultural skills without getting their hands too dirty!

The free online gaming site is renowned for boasting a plethora of exciting games, and many of the time management games follow the popular farming format. Players can manage and expand their barns, plant and harvest crops, milk cows, harvest eggs from chickens and much more in a variety of exciting games that will have kids and adults alike entertained for hours.

Nikolai Veselov, of MyRealGames, says, “Farming time management games are incredibly popular on social networking sites – but if you’re someone who doesn’t like pestering your friends for help to get ahead, our solo farming time management games are perfect. There are numerous options available – you can download the games to your computer, or find a title which allows you to play in-browser, and once it’s all set up, you’ll be unleashed on your very own farming plot. Perfect for gamers who like a good time management game, our broad collection is, and always will be, totally free to all.”

One of the most enduring popular farming games on the site is Big Farm. While many time management games struggle to engage players with a great storyline, this particular title reels gamers in from the very first mission! Players build their own farm, cooperate with friends and players all over the world, as well as enjoying the comic-book inspired graphics and a range of quirky and fun characters. Available as a totally free download game, Big Farm is a must-have for any time-management lovers.

Other popular farming games available at MyRealGames include:

  • Magic Farm Game – the aim of this game is selling flowers – have you got a green thumb? Gamers can sell their flowers separately or craft beautiful bouquets – and there’s even a side quest to save your in-game parents!
  • Exotic Farm – If regular farming isn’t your style, why not try this more exotic version? With unique fruits, free-roaming animals and hand-operated machinery, this original game puts a great twist on popular farming titles.
  • Farm Craft – another hugely popular game, Farm Craft sees you take on the role of Ginger in the fight against AgroCorporation - a conglomerate that wants to develop on your farmland! Get your hands dirty, help other rural farmers and enjoy charming farm fun with this free download game.

To find out more about MyRealGames, or to enjoy a multitude of farming time management games, visit the website at: http://myrealgames.com/


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MyRealGames has fast made a name for themselves as one of the US’s premier free online gaming sites. All games are fully licensed for PC’s, have unlimited gameplay time and are 100% free. The site offers a diverse range of genres meaning there is something for every online gaming lover.