How Much RAM Do I Need?

It is a common misconception that RAM memory helps to dictate how fast a computer can run. In actual fact, the RAM memory within a computer only helps to dictate how efficiently a computer can multi-task. If a computer is running a single program which uses 500MB of RAM, it will run at the same speed whether the computer has 2GB or 8GB of RAM. The significance of the RAM memory would come into play if there are four programs open which use 500MB of RAM. Apps and programs such as Firefox, Outlook, Photoshop or iTunes will run faster with more RAM; but does everyone need to update? This guide looks at the different amount of usage that computers see, and examines whether they would benefit from a memory upgrade.

1. Regular User – Individual

Someone who uses their computer for basic tasks will most likely only ever open a certain number of programs or applications which are light on RAM usage. Internet browsing, instant messaging and word processing, even when carried out simultaneously, will most likely be able to function well with 2GB of RAM.

2. Regular User – Communal Computer

A family computer, or one which is shared by a number of people, might require more RAM to function. When the above programs are running on one user account on a computer, they can function with 2GB, but if multiple users leave programs running in the background, the computer can become sluggish and inefficient without sufficient RAM. In this case, a PC memory upgrade to 2-3GB offers strong performance and good value-for-money.

3. Average Users

Those who consider themselves to be average users might download music and movies whilst they are word processing, and listen to or watch media files over the internet. Streaming content can also require large amounts of RAM. An average user might benefit from around 4GB of RAM, which would see them able to carry out these tasks efficiently and allow things such as large volume downloads to be completed in the background whilst using the computer for other processes.

4. Power Users

A power user of a computer might consistently need to have RAM-heavy applications and programs open, and will need all of them to be running at their highest and fastest potential. Heavy video or audio editing are often needed for work reasons, so the computer will need to be functioning efficiently. Virtual machines or drives are often used too, as well as the standard usage which includes internet browsing and listening to music. These would require around 8GB of computer memory in order to function at a competent level.

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