How the Lack of Innovation in Commercial Kitchen Design Quietly Sinks Profits, Fuels Business Risk and Waste

With a series of high profile busts from the UK Environment Health Authorities, it is more important than ever for London based commercial restaurants and kitchens to make intelligent choices when it comes to cleaning and hygiene. With its expert Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service, Stainless Cleans is at the forefront of keeping businesses compliant and is urging owners to make innovative and hygiene friendly choices when designing or remodelling commercial kitchens.

According to the expert team at Stainless Cleans, business owners can make the sanitation process a whole lot easier for themselves by paying specific attention to design, layout, materials and structure while in the initial stages of planning. While it’s easy to place the focus on aesthetics and functionality, a kitchen that does not foster hygiene and cleanliness can soon become an abyss that endlessly chews up in profits in the form of fines, increased cleaning time, customer complaints and loss of business due to damaged reputation.

Don Osawaru says “The more you try to abandon or pay less attention to cleaning and hygiene due to difficulties arising from poor design, layout, materials and structure, the more it affects your business image, customer perception, staff moral and contamination risks. You may even end up breaking the law.”

As such, business owners should ensure that their designers, engineers, architects, suppliers and builders exercise a heightened level of concern when it comes to constructing commercial kitchen premises and installing equipment. At the end of the day, a business that cannot be kept clean, safe and running smoothly on a daily basis will result in an almost guaranteed loss of profit. In contrast, a business owner that has integrated innovative cleaning solutions into all aspects of design and setup will enjoy premises that are efficient, hygienic and profitable. With its free advice, consultation or inspection service, Stainless Cleans is the go-to provider for intelligent cleaning solutions specially designed to maximise the efficiency and perfect the hygiene credentials of commercial kitchen environments.

The forward thinking concept was recently adopted by a leading London restaurant chain that sought the advice of its cleaning manager during the revamp of its kitchen layout. By integrating quick, simple and cost effective design aspects, the business has enjoyed a handsome pay off that serves as an echoing example of just how beneficial these preliminary hygiene measures can be. And while the focus of this case study was on the food industry, the same principle directly translates into an array of market sectors including retails stores, gyms, schools, offices and other modern business premises.

For discerning commercial kitchen managers with a mission to keep their business efficient, hygienic and profitable, innovative kitchen design should be given a spot at the top of the business development priority list.

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