How To Choose The Most Suitable Pallet Truck

With extensive and varied ranges of pallet trucks available to choose from, getting the right solution for use within a workplace can require a lot of research and consideration. There are many different aspects of the job to consider before investing in such equipment, all of them as important as the next. By examining everything from the terrain the truck will be used on to the units which will be moved, businesses can ensure that the pallet truck they acquire is best suited to their demands, and is not surplus to requirements.

For a truck which will constantly be used and will not be required to lift and transport the most taxing, heavy loads on a regular basis, a basic hand pallet truck should fit the bill effectively. The hydraulic units require no electricity to operate, and can be elevated by pumping the handle to raise pallets slightly off the floor. These types of truck are often used in warehouses and distribution centres, and are ideal because of their relatively low-maintenance operation and their durability.

For loads which will need to be elevated to a certain height rather than transported anywhere, semi-electric manual stackers are a more appropriate choice. Their high-powered capabilities allow them to lift loads that would be impossible if attempted manually, and they can elevate these heavy loads in short timeframes. Both of these improvements on manual labour help to increase productivity around the workplaces, as larger volumes can be turned over in a shorter amount of time.

High-lift pallet trucks fill the gap between a hand pallet truck and an electric stacker. Pallet trucks with high lifting capabilities can reduce injuries to staff members by raising pallets to heights that make working on them easier. These types of truck are fitted with security features that make it impossible for the truck to move when the forks are raised over a certain height, in case the truck overbalances and causes damage to employees, premises or cargo.

Trucks that will be used in adverse conditions are also available, with galvanized steel to protect from water or chemicals, to navigate rough terrain trucks across uneven surfaces and traverse trucks which can carry heavy or awkwardly shaped loads down the narrowest of aisles. All of these trucks help to fulfil the most demanding briefs from all industries, where finding the right equipment for the job is paramount to succeeding. It is important for all organisations to establish their exact needs and purchase the truck which corresponds to them, or risk wasting money on equipment which is either incapable of fulfilling demands or unnecessarily well-equipped for the task it performs.

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