How To Prepare The New House For A Move

Moving house is not just about packing up possessions and transporting them safely, London removals experts The Big Yellow Van Company insists that ensuring the property at the other end is fit to receive a van full of possessions is just as vital.

Inventory Checks

It is absolutely crucial to ensure that an inventory check has been conducted on the new house in advance of the move and the list is double checked on the day. Any furniture and appliances that are to be left by the previous owner, or if a new-build, installed by the property developers, need to be clearly documented. Conducting a walk through the property with the Estate Agent on the day of the move is also important. Any damage to the property, furniture or appliances needs to be documented immediately and where necessary, photographs taken for future reference.

Carpets and Flooring

Moving in can be messy, especially if the weather has taken a turn for the worst. With people walking in and out and heavy furniture being moved around can easily damage a carpet or wooden flooring. Ensure that a temporary protective flooring protector has been installed. There are many companies who provide temporarily carpet protectors for just such instances but as it may take some time, it is definitely best to get this done a couple of days in advance. Avoid from merely using old sheets as these are trip hazards and could cause more damage to both person and property than they can prevent it.

Decorating & cleaning

Take advantage of having a clean slate to work with. Where possible, try to get as much of the deep cleaning and decorating done before the furniture arrives. This saves having to re-arrange the furniture once it arrives and getting furniture in to its new place, can be done quickly on the big day.

Bills and Meter Readings

Check with the Estate Agency that there are no outstanding bills that need to be paid by the previous owner; the name for future electricity, gas, telephone, water and community fees has been changed over and meter readings have been taken. While a candle-lit dinner is romantic, it is also a good idea to ensure that the electrics and water are working and you have located the electricity and water meters, fuse box and stopcock. During such checks, make a personal note of each meter for future reference even though this is being done professionally and ensure that the house has been gas safety checked and the house has been examined for any faulty wiring. If this hasn’t been done in advance of purchase, then it is a definite must before you start to settle into your new home.

Removal Fees

Ensure that a comprehensive list of what is going to the new house has been provided for the removal company so they can advise on a proper quote, as this will avoid any misunderstandings and additional costs. Removal companies such as the low cost London removals firm, The Big Yellow Van Company, can then provide movers with an accurate estimate of how long they expect the move to take and how much it will cost in order for you to be able to budget both your time and money accordingly.

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