ICT Africa Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Power Searchable Database of Continent’s Pioneering ICT Projects

An ambitious Kickstarter project has launched with the aim of crowdfunding a colossal searchable database of the planned, ongoing and completed ICT projects taking place across the African continent.

ICT Africa is the project behind the database, with plans to turn it into a valuable tool for the many international and continental organisations supporting ICT development across Africa. Over 100 trillion dollars has been invested in the African ICT sector over the past two decades, and this promising campaign hopes to promote collaboration, investment, supplier diversity within the industry with a major overhaul of the existing website.

Dr. Jabulani Dhliwayo, Founder of ICT Africa, says, “We’re looking to raise $184,000 over the next thirty days, which will be used to develop an industry-first: a searchable database, complete with e-commerce functionality, which will help promote collaboration and investment in Africa’s blossoming ICT sector.”

Jabulani adds, “Innovation in Africa’s ICT industry is booming, with thousands of planned and ongoing projects improving the communication infrastructure across the entire continent. We want to attract further local and foreign investment into these projects, helping investors to identify attractive projects and promoting more supplier diversity, which we believe will lead to even higher quality networks and an important transfer of technical skills to African engineers.”

There are projects currently being carried out in Africa which span almost every area of ICT. Investors can browse projects to create global communication networks, fiber optic links, mobile networks, communication satellites, applications and manufacturing ventures. With the Kickstarter funding, ICT Africa will also set about identifying a number of new projects for inclusion in the database.

It’s hoped that the database will help bring the sparsely populated continent of Africa together more effectively. Collaboration is necessary across the continent to address the high cost of infrastructure development – and through the database, it’s straightforward and simple to identify new partners to collaborate with, closing the geographic gaps with ICT-powered infrastructure.

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, the team at ICT Africa will be offering a range of incentives and rewards for those who choose to back this exciting project. Those pledging just $2 will receive an email note from Jabulani Dhliwayo, while those pledging as little as $5 will be followed by the official ICT Africa Twitter account. A pledge of $15 or more will see the backer benefit from having five Tweets sent out from the ICT Africa Twitter account on their behalf, promoting a business or venture.

The largest reward will give backers first access to the database when it’s complete, at a discounted rate; yearly subscriptions should cost $2,500, but early supporters will enjoy full access for just $1,000.

More information about ICT Africa can be found at http://www.ictafrica.info. For more on the campaign, visit the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/5973466/all-africa-database-of-ict-projects?ref=nav_search


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