Inaugural National Mentoring Day Summit to Play Host To Some of UK’s Most Successful Mentors

The first ever National Mentoring Day will be launched at the Rockstar Hubs, London on 27th October 2015 where a one-off panel discussion event will be held celebrating the importance of mentoring and raising awareness of the opportunities available.

The National Mentoring Day Summit will play host to crucial figureheads of the mentorship movement, including the founder of National Mentoring Day herself, Chelsey Baker.

The event, and the new national awareness day in general, aims to celebrate the great work that mentors from all over the UK are doing to help businesses grow, as well as encouraging more people to get involved in mentoring – whether they’re the mentor or the mentee.

Chelsey Baker, Founder of National Mentoring Day, says, “I’m thrilled to announce the fantastic line-up for the National Mentoring Day Summit, which will include representatives from the UK’s leading mentor programmes, as well as successful professionals that found great value in being mentored throughout their own careers. The event will be the icing on the cake of this exciting new national awareness day, which is set to draw attention to the crucial topic of mentors, and will hopefully alert many more businesses and individuals to the benefits of being mentored, or becoming a mentor.”

The event kicks off at 4pm, and Ms Baker will welcome all guests with a speech at 4.30pm, before turning the stage over to mentors and guest speakers Paul ‘Pablo’ Ettinger, Co-Founder of Caffe Nero, and Will King, Founder of King of Shaves.

A panel discussion will then take place, featuring Kerrie Dorman, Founder of the Association of Business Mentors, Jonathan Pfahl, Founder and Managing Director of Rockstar Group, and three other key figures in the world of mentoring. The panel will discuss the importance and value of mentoring, as well as offering their ideas on how mentoring should be shaped for the future.

Kerrie Dorman said, “National Mentoring Day is a fantastic initiative because it highlights all the benefits mentoring contributes to business. Anything that builds awareness to this relatively new concept we - The Association of Business Mentors - applaud and embrace. As a nation we are slowly accepting that engaging with a business mentor is not a weak request for help but a smart way of accessing relevant proven experience to capitalise on.”

Jonathan Pfahl added, “It’s brilliant that someone has created a nationally recognised day to celebrate all the great work mentors are doing to help businesses all over the UK grow and prosper. It is a real pleasure to be part of it and to sponsor the main event at our mentoring Hub."

With the summit gathering interest and support from MPs including Iain Wright, Ruth Lowbridge MBE of SFEDI, one of the summit panellist speakers comments, "National Mentoring Day is a fantastic opportunity to really push the mentoring message and facilitate the spark of new connections throughout the UK."

"Mentoring is an invaluable source of insight, support and inspiration for those running a business, whatever their stage” adds Hollie Gallagher, Head of Entrepreneurs at Bircham Dyson Bell. She continues, “BDB is proud to be part of the first National Mentoring Day."

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Notes to Editors

The Summit event is being supported by Bircham Dyson Bell LLP (BDB) and The Rockstar Mentoring Group.

The Rockstar Mentoring Group is the UKs Number 1 mentoring organisation for entrepreneurs. Since it was established in 2007 it has mentored over 8000 businesses to help achieve fast track growth. For further information on The Rockstar Group go to

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Chelsey is one of the UK’s leading business mentors, author of "The Pocket Mentor" and creator of "Broadcasting Your Business," the pitch, PR and publicity mentoring programme helping entrepreneurs raise their profile. She recently won the British Bankers' Association "Excellence in Enterprise Mentoring Award" and this year won the prestigious title of "Business Mentor of the Year" awarded by Start Your Business magazine. Chelsey is dedicated to encouraging enterprise and supporting entrepreneurs; she has successfully mentored hundreds of businesses throughout the UK and is well known for her inspirational mentoring. Chelsey is a sales, marketing and communications expert, an authority on having the 'perfect pitch' and a specialist in pitching for investment. For more information please visit