Industry experts reiterate the importance of a tidy warehouse to increase productivity

In this fast-paced retail market, warehouses have become an integral part of a business’ success. Full of hundreds of items ready to be shipped to customers, warehouses are arguably just as important as physical shops. And according to one of the country’s leading retailers of manual handling equipment, whether businesses have a presence on the high street, or if they sell solely online, making sure warehouses are tidy and in order is imperative for maintaining productivity to meet the needs of customers and ensure a business’ success.

Midland Pallet Trucks, who specialise in supplying a range of sectors with pallet trucks, stacker trucks and lift tables, know all too well the benefits of having a tidy and organised warehouse – as well as the pitfalls associated with not having stock in order.

Phil Chesworth Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, said, “As an online-only business, we completely rely on our warehouse to ensure smooth and swift delivery for our customers from order to shipment. And as online shopping becomes even more prominent, the benefits of organised and tidy warehouses cannot be underestimated – whether businesses receive 10 or 1000 orders daily.”

Minimising time wasted by employees looking for stock, well labelled and directed warehouses can significantly improve the productivity of staff – which is inherently important during times of retail and economic uncertainty. Helping to get products from order to dispatch in the fastest time possible, businesses may also be able to exceed the expectation of their customers, and as a result, encourage them to return and recommend them to others.

Additionally, tidy workspaces have also been proven to improve employee health and happiness while minimising stress. Phil, adds, “Helping to make multiple sick days a thing of the past, tidy warehouses and work areas can actually save a business money, while boosting income from returning customers.”

The team behind Midland Pallet Trucks are experts in offering quality, robust equipment ideal for both large and small warehouses to boost efficiency and productivity. To find out more about Midland Pallet Trucks and browse their range available to purchase online, visit the website:

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Midland Pallet Trucks are pallet truck specialists, with a diverse range of models and specifications held in stock for immediate shipping. The company is based in the West Midlands, England, importing high-quality pump trucks and lift tables directly from the manufacturer. It carries sufficient stocks in its 60,000 square feet warehouse to supply the whole of the UK market with any kind of hand-operated truck or lift.