Innovative Cloud-Based School Management System, Breeze, Offers Perfect Solution for Schools

Administrators tasked with running schools and colleges can now take charge of managing their educational establishment in a more streamlined, more intuitive manner with the launch of Breeze.

Breeze is a fresh, simple platform designed to make school management easier and more effective. The cloud-based solution aims to help schools streamline their internal processes, facilitate better communication between teachers, parents and students, and essentially, improve student outcomes.

The dynamic, flexible platform can be used for everything from planning extra-curricular activities to accessing student information. Student’s grades can be stored within the cloud-based platform, while moderated group discussions can take place between teachers and parents, to provide a constant link between school and home.

The insightful reporting tools are also invaluable for administrators running things from the top. They can manage fees, payments and receipts, generate course schedules and timetables, monitor their staff and view the school calendar, as well as being able to get an ‘at-a-glance’ look at the school’s progress from a centralised, intuitive dashboard.

Ashwinth Isaiah, Co-founder & CEO of Breeze, says, “The idea for Breeze came about after we realised that there was a real lack of quality school management systems out there. The majority of the options on the market were expensive, clunky, poorly designed and not fit for purpose, especially in the tech-savvy, cutting-edge schools of today. We are part of a digital agency, so set about developing a digital solution to this problem.”

Laco Janic, Co-founder and Head of Design adds, “We’ve spent almost two years talking with teachers, parents and administrators to ensure Breeze meets their needs, and after rolling out to our very first customers in 2016, we’re already garnering very favourable reviews. Breeze helps with every aspect of school management which might previously have been left to fragmented teams to take charge of.”

Breeze comes with a simple, fair pricing structure that charges per student, with all features available to all users. And there’s a special pricing option available for financially challenged schools. 

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