Innovative product helps keep handbags secure and clean

Handbags remain a top fashion accessory among British women, with half making a purchase as a gift to themselves and in total spending over £1 billion every year. Consumers can now keep their prized bags safe and clean with the release of My Bag Hanger.

My Bag Hanger is a practical and secure handbag hook that can be used on tables, desks, bars and other flat surfaces. The small, foldable device can be used to hang handbags, keeping them off the floor and within easy access to improve security.

Fashion conscious individuals have an array of options when choosing a handbag holder, allowing them to select a product that matches their bag or reflects their personal style. From bright and bold patterns to elegant cameo designs, a handbag hook can make as much of a style statement as the bag itself. For a touch of glamour, shoppers can browse My Bag Hanger’s Lux Collection, which features hooks decorated with rhinestones and the finest Swarovski gemstones. All of My Bag Hanger’s collection comes with a velvet pouch to store your chosen design in.

Alex Bourgeois, founder of My Bag Hanger, said, “We’re a nation of handbag lovers as the £1 billion annual spend demonstrates. Keeping your handbag off the floor while you’re out for a meal or at your desk working means it’s easier to keep an eye on, helping improve the security of your items. The My Bag Hanger hook also means bags are less likely to get damaged and remain cleaner for longer helping to increase its lifespan.”  

The device is easy to use, consumers simply unfold the hook section when they are ready to use it and place it over the edge of the table. When putting it away the hook slips back into place with only a little pressure. The handbag hanger can be used on the majority of flat surfaces and the hook section extends under the lip of the table ensuring most size bags and straps can be accommodated. The hangers are strong enough to securely hold a bag weighing up to 7kgs.

My Bag Hanger can also create customised bag hangers that are ideal for corporations to use as branded promotional products, with clients including L’Oreal, Porsche, and Barclays. They are also great to use as wedding or party favours.

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My Bag Hanger sells practical and stylish foldable handbag hooks to keep handbags clean and safe. The product can be used on any table or other surfaces to hold bags off the floor.