Innovative Temporary Space Provider Acts As Single Source Solution For Events Agencies Across The UK

A UK business is revolutionising the provision of temporary space solutions with the launch of a comprehensive one-stop-shop for events and experiential agencies of all sizes. While most competitors specialise in just one product line, The Events Structure offer its clients a complete range of premium temporary events space services.  This includes everything from inflatables to trailers, shipping container conversions and touring roadshow trucks.

The company launch is an industry first and answers resounding agency demands for the introduction of an easy, efficient and all-inclusive provider.

The demand for temporary events space in the UK is on the rise with the public showing an ever increasing appreciation for brand showcasing, exhibitions and pop up events. The Events Structure brings a new dimension to the organisation of such occurrences and has pledged to provide its diverse client base with honest appraisals and exceptional service. By removing costs that are non-beneficial to the client, The Events Structure is able to deliver cost effective space solutions that do not compromise on quality.

As experienced industry veterans, The Events Structure has a complete understanding of agency requirements and challenges which it strives to fulfil through a meticulously systemised service provision approach. By implementing structured exhibition unit thinking, the company ensures every last logistical detail is taken care of, from product specifications to timing and delivery. The Events Structure also prides itself on the capacity to offer clients an integrated range of event option services that make the compare and contrast process easier, faster and more inclusive than ever. 

One of the most exciting options on offer from The Events Structure is the provision of a premium Roadshow Truck service. The high impact vehicles act as an extremely effective mobile advertising tool and add immense value to marketing campaigns, customer engagement and product demonstration pursuits. Roadshow Trucks represent a brilliant communication strategy for all industries and are a guaranteed way to keep audiences intrigued, excited and 100% receptive towards the intended message.

Justin Isles, Managing Director says “Many organisations, serious about reach, about engagement and about building a sustainable presence are now factoring them into their marketing.”

The trucks are of premium European manufacturing quality and are available in a variety of different sizes and contracts to suit a diverse range of client needs.   

Isles says “I have scoured Europe to find the best available fleet to ensure that we can offer client originality and quality.”

From healthcare and politics to technology and catering, the complete range of temporary space solutions from The Events Structure ensure that messages are effective, engaging and competitively priced.

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About The Events Structure:  Founded by experienced industry professional Justin Isles, The Events Structure is the UK’s leading single source provider of temporary events space solutions. The company offers a complete range of products to suit a diverse range of client needs, including roadshow trucks, shipping container conversions and inflatable structure displays.