Interviewer Skills Courses Could Be the Small Business Owner’s Secret Weapon

Small businesses are booming in the UK, with seven out of ten introducing new products or services in the last 2 years and 60% determined to grow in the next twelve months according to the latest FSB report. But, as many small businesses have grown out of the self-employment boom triggered by the recession, a lack of resources in-house can make the next step a difficult one. With this in mind, business development experts Rainmaker Coaching have launched a new interviewer skills course which trains owners and managers to master the tricky task of recruitment in just one day.

Rob Biggin, Managing Director said, “Done properly, recruitment is the tool that drives any business forward. Attracting the right candidates, narrowing the field and picking the right person for the job can transform a fledging start-up into a dynamic force to be reckoned with. However get recruitment wrong, and we estimate that it could end up costing you at least 50% of the cost of a person’s salary in recruitment costs and agency fees, just to replace a poor choice. There are also other issues such as the loss of productivity, the impact on other employee’s morale and wasted training and development expenses. The cost of time lost is magnified in small businesses and can make achieving growth targets next to impossible. Our new interviewer skills course is designed to alleviate these fears by guiding managers through each step of the recruitment process. Each course is bespoke, helping firms of all shapes and sizes find and keep great employees. You only need 2 or more managers and this method of delivery is more cost effective, brings concensus and gets to best practice faster than sending individual managers on open training courses.”

Delivered by interviewer skills training specialist, Kevin Howes, the one day training course helps business owners and managers to achieve their development targets by building a successful team one employee at a time. Each workshop is conducted on site to reduce disruption and content syllabus is tailored to specific needs.

With an emphasis on skills transfer, those booking an interviewer skills course will receive dedicated coaching that can be put into practice instantly. In addition to updating existing interviewer techniques, topics such as writing a clear and simple job profile in just 20 minutes will be addressed. Other training will focus on issues such as clarifying key candidate competencies, how to select a penetrating set of behavioural interview questions and ways in which interviewing and selection processes and procedures can be constructed.

Those who have struggled to recruit the right person in the past will also benefit from assistance determining projected interview outcomes, developing question themes, understanding the emotional aspects of interviewing and how to pick up on non-verbal communication.

Rob Biggin added, “One of the primary aims of the interviewer skills course is to assist recruitment managers achieve their goal of hiring great people with the potential to make a great contribution. Successful recruitment is about so much more than reading through a CV or writing a job advert and taking just one day to explore the process with an experienced trainer can make a huge difference to productivity and performance.”

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