Introducing Brosheets – Premium Sleepwear for the Modern Man

Sleeping like a king has never been easier, thanks to a brand new premium sleepwear brand launching this month. Brosheets provides high-quality bedding and loungewear for the modern man – no frills, no fancy patterns, just timeless bedding made from the finest materials.

The men of today carefully curate their clothes, their shoes, their sound systems and their cars to ensure total luxury across the board. Why not place just as much emphasis on the place where we spend up to a third of our lifetime? Brosheets’ premium linens and bedding sets are simple, stylish and made to order in limited quantities to ensure exclusivity. For those who want one-in-a-million bedding to match their lifestyle, Brosheets provides the solution.

The key thing that sets Brosheets apart from the crowd is its dedication to simplicity. The Brosheets model cuts out the middleman by sourcing directly from suppliers and local factories. This cuts out all the pointless pit-stops that bedding usually takes en route to the bedroom. By side-stepping expensive distributors and franchising opportunities, Brosheets can pass on the savings to customers, providing hotel-standard sheets without the troublesome mark-up.

Mr. Colm Walsh, founder of Brosheets comments, “The modern man, with his busy lifestyle, doesn’t always have time to go shopping for luxury bedding – but that doesn’t mean he should be limited to a life of bargain basement bed sheets salvaged from supermarkets. Brosheets offers the solution – a luxury, modern bedding and sleepwear brand that ticks all the boxes and won’t break the bank.”

Quality comes as standard with Brosheets. All materials come from some of the most ethical and responsible factories in the world, with all suppliers paid fairly for their services. The modern man understands how important sustainable practices are, and Brosheets delivers on all fronts.

Mr Walsh adds, “The launch of Brosheets makes it easier than ever for the modern man to kit out his bedroom in the most stylish and comfortable way. Whether enjoying a lazy Sunday morning with a coffee and the papers, or climbing into bed after a hectic working week, Brosheets is the perfect companion for the modern man’s lifestyle.”

The first limited run of Brosheets bedding officially launched on the 6th November. For more information about the launch of Brosheets, please visit the website:


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