Introducing Especialz – The New Online Hub for Shopping, Socializing and Special Events

Find the hottest deals, chat to like-minded shoppers and plan your most exciting upcoming events with the fashion and social hybrid site 

An exciting new online hub has launched, bringing the realms of fashion, social networking and event-planning together for those that love to socialize, shop and save.

Especialz is the new home of exciting deals and offers on men’s and women’s apparel, as well as a comprehensive database of event suppliers and products - and the site also comes with a social networking element where like-minded shoppers can talk fashion, savings and event coordination from all over the world.

As well as compiling a multitude of exciting style steals for both men and women, the team behind Especialz will be working to ensure the site becomes a one-stop shop for all those planning a special occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, a christening or a birthday party, the site will be loaded with suppliers of all types, to help savvy shoppers plan their perfect parties with ease.

Planning special occasions has been revolutionized with the help of social media, with sites like Pinterest changing how we visualize weddings, parties and other exciting events. Especialz is set to be the next logical extension of that, offering a place where families and friends can bat ideas back and forth, linking to exciting new products or suppliers as they attempt to create a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Laila Raza, founder of Especialz, says, “This time last year, myself and the rest of my family were preparing for our cousin’s wedding. It was a royal blue themed wedding, and finding the right accessories and decorations was not easy! I came up with the idea of – a place where we should shop for the latest fashion and trends, as well as finding suppliers and products for all special occasions, like our cousin’s wedding. Not only that, we wanted to give it a social element – because choosing handkerchief patterns and bunting fabrics for an exciting event is so much easier with the help of an engaged, stylish and helpful community!”

Laila adds, “The site is still in its infancy, but we’re working hard to create an online hub for fashionistas and event planners across the US, creating a go-to destination for all those that love to shop, save and socialize.”

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