Introducing fpod – the Compact Food-Carrying System Helping the Next Generation of Bakers Master Home Economics

The fpod offers a new way to help children prepare for Home Economic lessons, storing and protecting food throughout the school day.

A brand new food-carrying system has launched to give parents everywhere peace of mind that their children are fully equipped to make the best of their home economics or food technology lessons at school. The fpod is a compact food-carrying system which aims to make cookery lessons more organised, hygienic and enjoyable – for pupils as well as their parents.

The fpod provides a purpose-designed carry pack or rucksack which helps children store and transport a variety of ingredients to and from school. With special compartments for hot and cold food, as well as the ability to store liquids and solids alike, the pack offers a durable, weather-resistant alternative to a plastic carrier bag or a child’s ordinary school bag.

Phillipa Scott, Creator of the fpod, says, “We know that parents across the country worry about sending their child to school with cooking ingredients in their bags –  which could leak onto important coursework, and temperature-sensitive items like fish and meat could actually become unsafe for consumption if it’s not stored in a suitable container. I’ve suffered these mishaps personally, with my own children coming home offering up squashed shepherd’s pies and beaten-up cakes and loaves because their own school bags just aren’t equipped to carry such items.”

Phillipa adds, “We’ve created fpod to solve this common problem, so that pupils can get more out of their food technology lessons, and parents can rest assured their children won’t be coming home with a leaky schoolbag or a meal that’s bordering on unsafe.”

Food technology and home economics lessons still form a crucial part of the school curriculum in many schools, and they can even help to set children on a path to success. Nadiya Hussain, most recent winner of the Great British Bake Off, credits her own home economics lessons with igniting her passion for baking, and the classes can give youngsters the essential cooking skills they need in order to prepare healthy, nutritious meals once they’re out in the world on their own.

Children can quickly become disillusioned with the classes if they’re constantly turning up with squashed or unsafe ingredients – and even if they manage to put together a meal, it’s equally difficult for children to transport it home safely.

With a multitude of different compartments, a wipe-clean exterior and even the ability to add an ice block to the lower sections to keep certain foods cool and safe for consumption. Solving the old age issue of sending children to school with squashed unappealing looking lunch items, fpod keeps food fresh and appealing meaning children are more likely to eat their lunch rather than throw it away or bring it back home with them.

fpod provides a unique purpose designed compact carrying system, for helping children safely store and transport a variety of ingredients including solids, liquids and hot & cold food to and from school.

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