Intuitive Social Media Management Tool Helps Businesses Optimise Online Presence

Keeping tabs in the Digital Age just got easier with the launch of an innovative social media management tool called Sociolus. Intelligent, perceptive and inherently valuable, the tool helps brands to understand their performance, market, competitors and customers. Results can then be used to optimise social media strategies, directly target influential customers and ultimately expand the brand to a wider audience. Whether it’s fans, friends, followers or subscribers, Sociolus is set to emerge as an invaluable tool for SMEs, consultants and specialist marketers wanting to keep track of social media activity.

Based in London, Sociolus found its feet after raising £150k through Ingenious Media earlier this year. Co-founders Dinos Hamalis and Peter Desouza are the architects behind the company’s rapid success, armed with a shared vision of creating a cost effective end-to-end marketing solution with social media at its core. With previous experience at companies like Accenture and Deloitte under their belts, the pair brings an incredible level of expertise and passion to their latest venture.

The unique platform is the first of its kind to offer businesses a simple and cost effective solution to social media management. Encompassing reporting, monitoring and marketing, Sociolus offers users a comprehensive social media management platform at their fingertips. Rich social data can then be utilised to make informed decisions, create better strategies, execute tailor made campaigns and optimise customer experience.

The tool goes beyond conventional analytics by offering the capacity for customised content curation. This gives users the flexibility to choose channel, communication type and audience. The exciting new concept of ‘influencer marketing’ is also bought to the table, a term describing the transfer of word of mouth marketing to an online environment.  Sociolus can then actively monitor consumer engagement, rank according to influence and use the outcomes to develop mutually beneficial relationships using social media driven conversations and rewards. These specially targeted customers can then be turned into brand ambassadors who actively share and endorse products with their wider social network.

Dinos Hamalis, Sociolus co-founder said, “When Peter and I first came up with the idea, we had a vision to create a platform that helped brands and consumers collaborate in a mutually beneficial way. Through its innovative ‘influencer marketing’ technology and meticulous data analysis process, Sociolus allows brands to learn, engage and grow by developing meaningful relationships with consumers. In turn, these consumers are rewarded and recognised for their contribution making it a win-win scenario!”

As well as being intelligent, the tool is incredibly easy to use and doesn't require any coding or infrastructure changes. The tool has received a hugely positive reception, with clients enjoying a drastic reduction in the cost of customer acquisition and improvements in awareness, engagement, leads and conversion rates.

Prices start at just £75 per month for a Start-Up Package, £125 per month for a Growth Package and £215 for an Established Package. They also provide an agency package £PoR.

To find out more about Sociolus, start a FREE trial or sign up for a social media management package, visit the website at:



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About Sociolus: Founded by Dinos Hamalis and Peter Desouza, Sociolus helps businesses leverage social media to quickly understand their performance, market, customers and how they compare to the competition. The benefits on offer are widespread, including minimised customer acquisition costs, improved awareness, enhanced engagement and better lead and conversion rates.