IQTimecard Helps Companies Take Care of Older Workers

With the number of people over 60 in the UK expected to rise by 13% by 2020, managing an ageing workforce is one of the greatest challenges in business today. Many people are being forced to work longer into their 60s and 70s for financial reasons, which puts pressure on employers to protect this vulnerable group at work. Sectors which involve remote working, such as the home care and cleaning industry, often attract older workers which puts them even more at risk.

IQTimecard, a software company which works closely with companies managing lone workers, is helping protect mature members of staff with its attendance and monitoring technology.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard, says, “Remote workforce management is difficult but when you have a large proportion of older or vulnerable lone workers to consider, it’s an added responsibility. Older members of staff are often the most experienced in a business, but of course there is an increased need to protect them in the workplace and when they work remotely it can seem impossible.”

“Domiciliary nurses and carers are often in this older age group, as the sector struggles to attract young recruits. Employers need to know where their staff are at all times to ensure their safety – and our attendance and time tracking solution is the simple and safe way to monitor a remote workforce.”

Managers can track each employee in real time, seeing where they clocked in and the exact time. This real time attendance tracking puts crucial information at the fingertips of managers or supervisors, so they can not only protect clients but also their employees who are working alone.

Additionally, the software solution offers a safeguard for lone workers by raising the alarm if a member of staff fails to clock in at a scheduled time and location. An alert can be sent to managers via email or SMS each time there is a failed clock in or out, so they can immediately take action to locate the missing member of staff.

Mr Lynes added, “Our failed clock in alerts can notify managers immediately when there is unusual or missing activity which indicates something might have gone wrong. Of course staff members may just be running late or stuck in traffic, but it’s essential this is followed up instantly with lone workers as something more serious or sinister could have happened to an employee.”

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