It’s Never Too Late To Start Your Summer Veg Garden with Smart Vegetable Planner

It’s never too late to start your own vegetable garden, according to the makers of the smart vegetable planner, Karl Phillips and his green-fingered team are encouraging Brits to grab their trowels and head for their gardens this summer, with plenty of suggestions as to which seasonal vegetables will thrive at this time of year. is a free planner which a multitude of tools and features to help British gardeners make the most of their urban plots. The platform comes up with intelligent suggestions as to which vegetables are best suited to each spot in your raised bed, taking the guesswork out of gardening for amateurs and experts alike.

Urban gardening has soared in popularity in recent years, as those living in cities try to create their own personal green havens. helps gardeners take advantage of the square foot gardening model, which focuses on making the most of limited space with raised beds and carefully divided sections – ideal for those who are looking to live off their own land by growing their own healthy produce.

Karl Phillips, Co-Founder and Creator of, says, “There’s a common misconception that it’s only worth planting vegetables in the spring season, but actually there are various different vegetables which thrive when planted in mid-summer. Quick-growing crops like radish and Pak Choi are great to plant throughout the season, while carrot, beetroot and turnip sown now will be ready to harvest in the autumn months – great for those warming stews as the weather cools down!”

Karl adds, “With, you can gauge exactly which vegetables would be most suitable for each square foot of your garden. You’ll also receive an alert when it’s time to harvest your delicious, home-grown haul of vegetables.”

The system checks a variety of different criteria to analyse where and when you should plant certain vegetables. The platform checks how tall and fast a plant grows, which plants don’t grow well together, and whether there’s enough time in the season to plant any particular vegetables.

The system can be used on any mobile device, so you can keep it handy while you’re tending to your garden, and it’s ideal for beginners and children. With the summer holidays just around the corner, planting a vegetable garden is a great way to keep children entertained throughout the six-week break, and the process will provide a number of valuable educational opportunities about healthy food and biology along the way. 

The app is a free browser-based planner which can be accessed on desktops, laptops and all mobile devices. For more information, visit the website:


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About is a smart vegetable planner for organic square foot gardeners. It uses a database of plants plus our unique suggestion system to provide guidance on what to plant. It also has an easy to use visual planner and reminders for planting and harvesting.