Juice Box Detox Introduces Weight Loss Cleanse For New Year’s Resolutions

Dieters keen to stick to their New Year weight loss resolutions in Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex can get delicious assistance this January with the brand new weight loss juice cleanse from Juice Box Detox.

Juice Box Detox makes and delivers effective, healthy weight loss juices to doorsteps across the three counties. Its special weight loss juice package has been specifically designed for dieters keen to shed the pounds after the excesses of the festive season. Packed with a mouth watering assortment of fruits and vegetables beneficial to the weight loss process, all juices are expertly blended and supplied ready to drink along with a careful selection of supplements and treats such as Epsom Bath salts to help the body detox and rebalance.

Lindsey Wright of Juice Box Detox, says, “Despite our healthy intentions, it can be incredibly hard to stick to New Year’s Resolutions. Our weight loss juice cleanse is the perfect antidote to the excesses of Christmas and the perfect way to kick off any pledge to shift those extra pounds. Our weight loss juice cleanse has been designed with weight loss in mind, giving five 500ml juices each day as well as supplements and helpful extras to get the scales moving in the right direction, enriching the body with vitamins and minerals and giving the digestive system a well earned break. After the cleanse, the body will feel lighter and healthier offering lots of motivation to continue with good intentions as January marches on!”

The weight loss juice cleanse can be followed for up to nine days. Those new to cleansing are recommended to start with a three day option. For each day of the cleanse, usual meals are replaced with five delicious and nutritious 500ml juices. All juices are freshly made each day from locally sourced produce to maximise nutritional value, and are tailored to the dieters own likes and dislikes. Popular options include Lean Green (a mix of apple, cucumber, kale, celery and spinach), Sunrise (orange, carrot and beetroot), Berry Minty (pears, strawberries, blueberries, lemon, pineapple and mint) and Trimline (fennel, carrots and apples). The juices are delivered to the door daily with the first box also containing an information pack, supplements such as Psyllium Husk and Spirulina, herbal teas and Epsom Salts to enhance the weight loss benefits of the cleanse.

Ms Wright added, “Each weight loss juice will contain different combinations of fruits and vegetables beneficial to the weight loss process. In a recent study in Brazil, apples and pears were found to accelerate weight loss so we include lots of these. Leafy green kale is a power pack of nutrition but has one of the fewest calorie counts per cup of any other vegetable. Lemon, celery, cucumber and fennel are also excellent ingredients in a weight loss juice.”

To help clients achieve their weight loss goals, Juice Box Detox are on hand before, during and after the cleanse to offer practical advice on maintaining weight loss through a balanced diet and exercise.

For more information about Juice Box Detox, or to book a juice cleanse online, visit http://juiceboxdetox.co.uk. Use the code JBD001 to get 10% off.

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About Juice Box Detox: Making and delivering effective healthy weight loss juices straight to doorsteps across Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex, Juice Box Detox can help anyone to meet their slimming goals and feel healthier, fresher and more revitalised.