Kickstarter Campaign Launches To Fund World’s First Wireless Earbuds with Real-Time Translation

Introducing Mymanu Clik™ – the world’s very first truly wireless earbuds with pioneering real-time voice translation abilities.

The game-changing earbuds are currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the further production of the dynamic new technology, with the creators seeking to raise £70,000 to bring Mymanu Clik to market.

The earbuds are set to revolutionise travel for thousands, and go far beyond the typical music and call pick up functionality. The innovative buds are packed with features including the ability to translate dozens of different languages in real-time, breaking down language barriers all over the world. Travellers on holidays can discard their phrasebooks and enjoy communicating with others, while those travelling for business can strike up deals and forge new partnerships without the need for additional translators.

The proprietary translation system was developed especially for Clik, meaning reliable, efficient translation that’s far superior to off the shelf or Internet services. 

Mymanu Clik earbuds also have exceptional audio capabilities, making them ideal for listening to music wirelessly. With the most advanced wireless technology, and APT X audio codecs, music, voice clips and incoming calls are crystal-clear, with no risk of cut-outs or dips in quality.

Danny Manu, founder of Mymanu, says, “These earbuds are truly set to transform how we communicate in this increasingly globalised world. As well as performing all the regular functions of earbuds – playing music, and even picking up incoming calls from a connected smartphone – they have the ground-breaking ability to translate languages in real-time, delivering the translated text right to your ears.”

“We’ve set out to raise £70,000 to fund certification and tooling and we have already received interest from potential users and business buyers. Our Kickstarter campaign is live right now, and we’re sure the public will see exactly how our creation can change their lives by breaking down language barriers and opening up areas of the world they never thought they’d be able to explore.”

The earbuds come with a multitude of additional features. They can wirelessly sync with a smartphone to deliver notifications and incoming calls directly to the ears of the user for example. Intuitive gestures make it easy for users to carry out actions such as skipping to the next track, accepting a call or checking recent notifications. There’s also a custom LED ring light, custom touch panel and aural notifications. The ear buds also make use of APT X audio for crystal-clear quality.

The Clik earbuds also come with a beautifully designed charging case, which securely stores and recharges the earbuds when they’re not in use, as well as offering a USB port to charge up smartphones and other mobile devices. A magnetic alignment system holds the buds in place when they’re charging, and the LED dots on the charging case let the user know when their buds are ready for use once more.

With an accompanying software app, the Clik earbuds can also be used to monitor physical activity, as well as sharing activity with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The Kickstarter campaign runs from 15thAugust 2016 28thSeptember 2016, and the Clik team will be hoping to smash their initial target and look at setting some exciting stretch goals. Rewards include

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