Lack of outdoor space hinders children’s development

As it’s revealed that many early years providers have a fundamental lack of outdoor space which can hinder children’s development, The Outdoor Look are urging nurseries to think outside the box when it comes to outdoor greenery.

A recent survey, led by Learning Through Landscapes (LTL) and the Early Childhood Forum (ECF), highlighted considerable support for outdoor play in children’s early years, but found a huge variation in what was actually offered – with many providers having limited or inadequate outdoor space to support learning and development. The report also calls for the Government and Ofsted to reaffirm the statutory requirement for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which stresses that ‘providers must provide access to an outdoor play area or ensure that outdoor activities are planned and taken on a daily basis.’

Brett Lockwood of The Outdoor Look, says, “The news that nurseries and day-care providers have limited outdoor space comes as no surprise – particularly in urban areas. However providers must think of new ways to introduce greenery and make the most of the outdoor space they have in order to boost children’s development and increase creativity. Artificial garden features, such as grass, plants and living walls are the perfect solution for space-limited children’s day-care providers to inject some much-needed inspiration into lifeless outdoor spaces.”

Historically there is a good understanding of the importance of learning outdoors in the UK, however according to the report, this is far from a reality for thousands of children around the country. It has long been suggested that there is a strong link between time spent learning and playing outdoors in the early years and obesity, mental health and myopia. Therefore, by providing children with access to sufficient and inspiring outdoor space, providers can set children up for a long, creative, healthy life.

The Outdoor Look, are specialists in providing artificial outdoor products. With a range that spans grass, hedges, trees and even decking, their artificial range is ideal for use with small children. Safe, clean and durable against wear and tear, and guaranteed for between 1 and 10 years depending on the product, their artificial greenery is ideal for transforming children’s play areas. By helping to make creative and inspiring outdoor spaces simple and achievable for people of all ages – and in a range of settings – The Outdoor Look has helped people fall back in love with the great outdoors.

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