Laksha Bay Invites Customers to Enjoy its Winter Warmers

As the temperatures drop, chefs at one of London’s premier traditional Indian restaurants are urging Brits to warm up with its heartening, comfort food dishes. Laksha Bay is calling on customers to take advantage of the many benefits of Indian cuisine throughout the winter.

Indian food can be very spicy – which will instantly warm bodies from the inside out – however that’s not the only reason to enjoy curries and tandoori dishes at this time of year. Research has shown that many of the spices used in Indian cooking such as turmeric, ginger and cumin have incredible health benefits which needed to protect the immune system throughout the winter.

Fareed Nabir, Owner of Laksha Bay said, “Of course people love to eat traditional, home cooked Indian cuisine throughout the year, but there isn’t a better time to enjoy it than winter. Many people look to food to cheer them up through the cold, dark winter months, and Indian dishes are the ultimate, soul warming comfort food. As well as tasting delicious and warming up the body instantly, Brits can also keep strong and healthy by eating spices on a regular basis.”

There’s a general belief that Indian food is unhealthy, but recent research has actually revealed that curries in particular can be very good for you – thanks to the combination of spices with medicinal benefits. Turmeric for example, which is in many of Laksha Bay’s dishes, has been proven to have an array of health benefits. Most importantly for winter, it can help fight off cold and flu and it also has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, turmeric has been shown to prevent diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Ginger, which is also often used in Indian cuisine is a traditional cold remedy – so curling up on the sofa with a curry could actually help cure the symptoms of a cold. Popular curry ingredient garlic has been found to lower cholesterol which can protect the heart, and can also protect against stomach cancer.

Fareed added, “Our customers can choose from an array of healthy dishes containing these disease-fighting spices. In addition to our traditional curries which contain a unique, tastebud tingling combination of spices, our chef specials also offer interesting tastes and health benefits. The Rupchanda features fish marinated in turmeric, ginger and garlic while the Katmundu offers food lovers chicken or lamb cooked with shredded ginger and ground spices.”

Laksha Bay allows Londoners to enjoy its warming recipes at its cosy restaurant in Wapping or in the comfort of their own home, with its delivery service.

To find out more about Laksha Bay and browse the huge selection of winter Indian dishes on offer, visit the website at: call 020 7481 0777 to speak to a member of staff.


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Situated in Wapping, London, Laksha Bay is a premier Indian food restaurant serving up a variety of authentic dishes, including everyone’s favourite curries and some chef’s specialties. Dine in or takeaway and enjoy some of the most delicious Indian cuisine in the capital.