Leading computer memory supplier welcomes Seagate’s new 8TB hard drive

As it’s announced that computer storage specialist, Seagate Technology, has released a new desktop hard drive that offers an industry leading 8TB of capacity, Data Memory Systems, one of the leading computer memory specialists in the US, has celebrated the developments and highlighted the need for others to follow suit.

The Seagate Innov8 is the world's first 8TB external desktop storage device to be powered by a single USB cable. Sporting various advancements, the technology behind this minimal wiring marvel is based upon USB 3.1 and the USB Type-C connector. The incredible piece of hardware also boasts new Ignition Boost Technology, which allows the hard drive to rely fully on a USB outlet rather than having it hooked up to a power outlet. Working tirelessly to make the Innov8 fast, capacious and convenient, in order to give the industry a new ‘norm’, the tech giants have created an industry-defining piece of hardware.

Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems said, “This development is tremendous for industry. As more and more pressure is put on storage devices to hold increasing amounts of data, developers must come up with ways to meet demand. Seagate are leaders in the industry, so by creating something so useful, I’m certain other manufacturers will follow suit.”

The Innov8 is not only functional but aesthetically-pleasing too, having won the 2016 Red Dot design award. Able to be place horizontally or vertically and featuring an all-aluminum enclosure which gives off a dark surface texture to large surfaces, and diamond cut edges, the Innov8 is a design innovation. Each Innov8 comes with the Seagate Dashboard software that will allow users to enjoy one-click on-demand or customizable, scheduled backups for their devices. The Seagate Innov8 hardware is 208 mm in length, 123.6 mm wide and measure 36 mm in depth. Weighing 150.1g, it is relevantly lightweight.

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