LeftMedia launches Startup Tuesday to help startups in Manchester get their businesses off the ground with free branding.

Launched in March 2016, every Tuesday local branding & design agency LeftMedia is giving away a free branding project to a UK based startup.

Manchester, United Kingdom, April 19, 2015 – As a young business owner, Mitchel White at LeftMedia understands how hard it can be to turn your idea into a reality. With lots of help available financially to bigger businesses it can be difficult for startups to find the money for the important things that really make a difference when you launch your business like branding and logo design

Mitchel has set out to help as many startups across the UK as possible, with a free branding project on offer every Tuesday. He believes the success of startups is key to the continued growth of bigger business in the UK.

There is no such thing as free. There is. Startup Tuesday gives away a free logo design, business card design and set of printed business cards each week. Some people rest and expect the enquires to start rolling in when they have their logo sorted. LeftMedia include the business card design package to help startups start shouting about their business using print, something some people think is a bit old fashioned.

There have been winners already, the most recent winner being Black Sheep Revolution. LeftMedia gave Marcus at Black Sheep a free branding project to make sure his startup was looking great. Marcus was chuffed with the result and hasn’t stopped telling people about Startup Tuesday since.

You don’t have to enter on a Tuesday, you can enter any day of the week but the draw is announced every Tuesday. All you need to do to enter is submit your name, email and a little bit about your startup. You can join the conversation on Twitter with #StartupTuesday.

For more information about Startup Tuesday or to enter, please visit www.leftmedia.co.uk/startup-tuesday-branding/



Mitchel White

Managing Director


About Startup Tuesday

Startup Tuesday is a weekly giveaway to UK based startups run by LeftMedia, a Manchester based branding & design studio specialising in print. The giveaway includes logo design, business card design and printed set of business cards.