Local Technology Company ConnectBI Unveils Revolutionary CRM Platform for Cosmetics Industry

Australian technology company ConnectBI has unveiled a revolutionary suite of hosted business apps which harness the very latest in SAAS (Software as a Service) thinking, with a promise to transform the way the cosmetics industry connects with their customers

Built from the ground up, ConnectBI’s turnkey solution centralises CRM, clienteling, marketing and business insight tasks with dynamic dashboards, real time reports and powerhouse functionality. The platform has already found favour with a number of international brands including Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and luxury skincare house, La Mer.

The suite of securely hosted applications that make up the ConnectBI platform have been designed to eliminate the manual processes that exist on counter, including the removal of manual file cards and paperwork.

Rick Scott, co-founder of ConnectBI said, “Putting the technology in the hands of the consultants offers considerable time savings and productivity improvements. This allows retailers to focus on both selling and improving the key metrics that drive success. The time savings alone using ConnectBI products are enough to generate a tangible return on investment.

Andrew Swanscott, co-founder and technical director said, “What our clients so far have found particularly useful is that ConnectBI aligns sales and marketing activities by measuring marketing campaign success. Our research has shown that the cosmetics industry is very focused on digital marketing, and with ConnectBI it now has a tool that allows users to drill down and target specific customers, either for brand engagement or further sales opportunities."

At a clienteling level, ConnectBI captures customer interactions and tracks the customer journey for improved engagement and performance. The module is simple and easy to use, recording customer and sales information and even detailing products and services clients were interested in but did not buy for future sales activity.

The Business Insight module helps retailers to make qualified business decisions with real-time information accessible 24/7 from any location. Data includes sales summary information per store location, customer enrolment, basket activity and product or category sales performance.

The data collected in store can be used to tailor and manage specific marketing campaigns to drive revenue in the Sales and Marketing app. The strategic CRM assets can be set to take care of essential tasks such as sending emails automatically based on time or purchase behaviour, reducing the burden on staff and resources.

With its 360 customer view, the ConnectBi platform helps retailers to build lasting relationships with their clients, understand their preferences, requirements and behaviours and use this information to drive the business forward.

To find out more about ConnectBI visit http://www.connectbi.com


Contact Name:      Rick Scott

Company:             ConnectBI

Website:                www.connectBI.com

Email:                   rick@connectbi.com


The ConnectBI fully hosted secure application suite uses the latest SaaS technology to streamline CRM, clienteling, marketing and business insight tasks. The ConnectBI leadership team has extensive experience across retail, information systems and management and has successfully deployed the product with several prestige retail organisations.