London Childcare Centre Offers ‘Micro-Nursery’ Environment with Better Staff to Child Ratios

A central London childcare centre is offering more one-to-one time with children than any other in the area, making it the primary destination for parents that want to ensure their children are getting the appropriate support and attention during their early years.

Richmond Childcare is a micro-nursery – an innovative new concept that combines the personal approach of a childminding service with the social and educational elements of a traditional nursery. The Richmond Childcare approach sees all children under the age of twelve months have their very own carer, with two children for every carer between the ages of twelve months and three years. This unique approach guarantees the very highest levels of care for little ones during this crucial period, when their skills are developing so quickly.

Julie Adams, Managing Director of Richmond Childcare, says, “Our setting is fairly unusual, in that we only ever have a maximum of two children to every carer at our nursery. This enables us to give more individual attention to each child than a conventional nursery, where there can be as many as fifteen children to every carer or assistant.”

Adams adds, “Spending so much one-on-one time with the children at our nursery means we can get to know your child’s needs, for a more personal approach to childcare. We strive at every step of the way to provide your little one with all the individual support they need, promoting their development and progress, rather than simply providing a safe space for children while parents work.”

The concept of the micro-nursery combines the very best elements of childminding and larger nurseries. The domestic setting helps children to settle in quickly, while the wide range of toys, games and stimulating activities is reminiscent of any traditional nursery. All staff at Richmond Childcare participate in regular training with Richmond Borough Council to ensure high standards of care, but without the pressure of looking after fifteen children at once, staff can devote their time to the care and support of individuals.

The micro-nursery also provides a highly social environment for little ones, helping them to develop other important skills. Children can socialise with others, with the staff encouraging interaction between babies and the older children. The presence of older children can help bring babies on developmentally, and similarly, the presence of babies can teach toddlers valuable lessons about nurturing and caring for others.

Richmond Nursery aims to provide childcare that replicates the extended family which may have been accessible in years gone by. In today’s fast-paced society, especially in the capital, childcare provision can appear rushed or institutional – but at Richmond, time is taken and effort is made to ensure each child receives the appropriate one-on-one care and support.

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Richmond Childcare is a domestic childcare service which means provides care in a home setting. The world can sometimes seem quite rushed and childcare provision a little institutional so their aim is to look after children in a more traditional setting, with highly qualified staff and an in-house chef to prepare fresh meals for children every day.