Lustrous Launches Resplendent 18 Carat Gold Pearl Jewellery Range

A boutique jeweller is bringing a contemporary edge to the enduring allure of pearls with a stunning collection crafted from the finest natural elements. Lustrous has launched the dazzling 18 Carat Gold Pearl Jewellery range to celebrate the Christmas season and ensure its customers can continue to emit a glorious glow all winter long.

Sleek, stylish and forever fashionable, the 18 Carat Gold Pearl Jewellery range is the perfect way to dress up any winter outfit. The collection is crafted with the boutique’s finest cultured Japanese Akoya and fresh water pearls, set in polished carat gold for an ultra-luxurious aesthetic.

Across the global fashion scene pearl jewellery is becoming an increasingly on-trend look. From the refined style of the Duchess of Cambridge, the elegant ‘English rose’ aesthetic of Emma Watson, the edgy chic of Katy Perry, the  catwalk swagger of Candice Swanepoel and the powerful dress sense of Hillary Clinton, pearls are a versatile accessories choice for ladies of all walks of life. At its core, the Lustrous 18 Carat Gold Pearl Jewellery collection leads the way in the revival of pearl jewellery by showcasing each element in an exquisite precious metal setting. 

Contemporary fashion is dynamic and ever changing which means eternally stylish accessories are becoming increasingly popular. With their sleek sheen, ‘au natural’ aesthetic and neutral tones that complement any outfit, fine cultured pearls set in versatile carat gold settings are a savvy choice. From black tie dinners and chic cocktail parties to everyday office outfits and weekend style, cultured pearls lend themselves to any occasion.

Lin Johnson, Founder says, “Unlike other gemstones and accessory trends, pearls offer wearers timeless allure. While they’re reminiscent of old world glamour and antiquated affluence they’re also utterly on-trend.”

Subtle and infinitely stylish, the 18 Carat Gold Pearl Jewellery collection is defined by the dreamy white sheens of cultured fresh water and Akoya pearls. Across the boutique’s other collections buyers can shop a kaleidoscope of additional colours, including gorgeous gothic blacks, smoky greys, Tahitian peacock greens, South Sea golden lusters, champagnes, ivories, pinks and peaches.

For ladies with their hearts set on all out luxury Lustrous also retails a myriad of lavish designs featuring diamonds, semi-precious stones, intricate heart clasps and more. Jewellery aficionados in search of something a little less extravagant will fall head over heels for pieces from the equally as resplendent silver collection and rose gold collections.

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All orders are packaged in exclusively branded gift boxes. For a limited time only Lustrous is also offering free delivery on all UK orders.





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Lustrous retails an exclusive range of contemporary fine cultured pearl jewellery crafted from the finest natural elements. The brand has just launched its resplendent new Carat Gold Pearl Jewellery range featuring cultured pearl rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants.