Make Budgets Go Further in 2016 with Economy Options from Midland Pallet Trucks

As 2016 looms, the thoughts of many business managers will inevitably turn to how they plan to make the next year a profitable and successful one for the company. Whether they have expansion plans, increased turnover targets or new product ranges set to launch, all businesses will be wanting to enter 2016 with a bang and retain the momentum throughout the year.

Enter, Midland Pallet Trucks – the UK’s leading provider of materials handling and lifting solutions for a variety of industries and sectors. Their vast range of economical, budget-friendly pallet trucks and other lifting equipment can help set businesses on the path to success in the coming year, making the most of apparatus allowances and boosting the productivity of the workforce.

At Midland Pallet Trucks, the word ‘economy’ is not synonymous with low quality – all of the products in the lower end of the pricing scale are made with the same high-end components and attention-to-detail as some of the more expensive trucks, with a range of features to help increase productivity and enhance safety.

Phil Chesworth, Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, with its enormous 60,000 square foot warehouse in the Midlands, says, “Many businesses right now are focusing on how they can trim their budgets for 2016, making their investments go further and ensuring they’re prepared for whatever the next year brings. For many of these businesses, an investment in a new fleet of pallet trucks is a must – and our economy options offer a cost-effective way to bolster a fleet without breaking the bank.”

Phil adds, “We import high-quality trucks directly from the manufacturer, and we’re able to pass on these cost-savings to our customers. At Midland Pallet Trucks, we have one of the largest selections of hand-operated trucks in the country, and at prices as low as £158.00 plus VAT, for a 2500kg-capacity pallet truck.”

The economy range doesn’t stop at pallet trucks – it extends to many of the product ranges Midland Pallet Trucks have in stock. There are weighing scale pallet trucks from as little as £199.00, manual stacker trucks starting at £299.95, and sophisticated scissor lift trucks from just £415.00 – all including VAT.

The site also offers a multitude of accessories and extra equipment designed to make life easier for operators – from skates and chocks to sack trucks and drum loaders, all at low prices that are sure to help 2016’s budgets go further than ever.

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Midland Pallet Trucks are pallet truck specialists, with a diverse range of models and specifications held in stock for immediate shipping. The company is based in the West Midlands, England, importing high-quality pump trucks and lift tables directly from the manufacturer. It carries sufficient stocks in its 60,000 square feet warehouse to supply the whole of the UK market with any kind of hand-operated truck or lift.