Matrix Inspired Infographic Shows 14 Active Agents Could Heat Front Rooms

“The human body generates more bioelectricity than a 120-volt battery and over 25,000 BTUs of body heat. We are an energy source…”  Morpheus (The Matrix)

Specialist heating providers, BestHeating have found how many bodies it would take to heat the average UK front room. Drawing inspiration from The Wachowski 1999 sci-fi hit, The Matrix, Best Heating looks at how hot humans truly are to answer the intriguing question; “was Morpheus actually right?”.

BestHeating’s Content Manager, Sam Broom commented, “The Matrix is one of our favourite films at BestHeating. The body heat question posed by Morpheus was the perfect challenge for our heating know how. By looking at whether or not we, as humans, would make useful batteries, we have discovered that it would only take more than half a human body to heat the average front room in the UK.” Sam continued, “Using the most basic heat measurement BTU or British thermal unit, we have found that humans do not produce anywhere near the amount of heat Morpheus claimed we do“.

When sitting at home the most heat the human body produces is 356 BTUs/hour. Even if activity was increased to something light such as ironing or vacuuming, humans would still only produce 571 BTUs/hour. Even running at full capacity in The Matrix, Neo and agents of the system only produced 3377 BTUs/hour, the same output as Best Heating’s largest radiators.

Using their sci-fi inspired infographic, the BestHeating team found that it would take more than one human to achieve the BTUs Larry Fishburne’s character says it does in The Matrix. To hit the 25,000 BTU target it would take 29-and-a half laid back businessmen, 18 shoppers, 14 active agents of the Matrix, 9 light Kung-Fu warm-ups and one battle between Morpheus and three agents of the system, not forgetting 293 déjà vu cats.

Sam, added, “Our infographic helps show our customers just how much heat humans produce. It is an interesting way of illustrating just how much energy is needed to power the average UK home. While we haven’t quite reached the point of harnessing human energy yet, we do have a selection of designer radiators that will do the job.”

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