MOD Offers Christmas Shoppers a Unique Luxury Marketplace

A Parisian born design deity has Christmas shopping all wrapped up with a luxury online store that celebrates contemporary European style.

Featuring the crème de la crème of independent designers from across Europe, Makers of Design (MOD) have reimagined online shopping as an aesthetically beautiful boutique to enhance and streamline the shopping experience.

Isabelle Soler is the woman behind the virtual emporium, using her inherent eye for style to curate a collection of exclusively stocked categories. Born in Paris and having lived in an assortment of the world’s chicest cities, Soler has a talent for trend spotting.

Isabelle Soler says, “I am more a curator than an advocate. I meet designers, I search and I select designs. Not every independent designer produces the quality that I look for. MOD offers sovereign talents a chance to share their stories with style savvy shoppers in search of unique items that are worlds away from the orthodox shelves of the high street.”

Rather than spend hours on end browsing the web for style gems, discerning shoppers can find a curated wonderland of on-trend items in one continually evolving marketplace. From concept furniture, bold art prints, pretty tableware, handmade gifts, statement jewellery, children’s wear and more, MOD is a dynamic fusion of Parisian style, Scandi chic, Italian elegance, Dutch ingenuity and more.   

From New York to London, Taipei to Tokyo and beyond, browsers can bet that MOD will be showcasing the world’s emerging designers and style sensations.

Isabelle adds, “Shopping is an inherently emotional experience however after travelling the globe and trawling the web for years on end, I realised that there are very few marketplaces that offer shoppers an inspiring journey that tantalises the aesthetic palate.”

”Humans have an inherent infatuation with storytelling, and the Internet shopping experience simply doesn’t satisfy this need. MOD satisfies this desire and offers shoppers an enriched and utterly fulfilling experience.”

All pieces are accompanied by detailed descriptions, as well as brand and artisan biographies. This ensures that customers not only receive stunning items but also gain a thorough understanding of how they came to be.  

To find out more about MOD and start exploring the curated collection of handpicked designs, go to:

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Launched by Isabelle Soler, Makers of Design (MOD) is an online luxury marketplace celebrating Europe’s emerging independent designers. MOD offers artisans a platform to showcase their latest collections and share their stories with an audience of likeminded style buffs.