Modern Aesthetic Solutions Ltd And Fleetwood Healthcare Are Awarded Exclusive Cost Saving Contract By Northern Ireland NHS

Modern Aesthetic Solutions Ltd, represented by their Dublin based sub-distributor, Fleetwood Healthcare, confirmed today it has been awarded an exclusive contract to supply its revolutionary EVRF (Endovenous Radiofrequency) device across the six Northern Ireland NHS Trusts.

Invited to tender against the principal long-standing brands, EVRF came out top in a combined test of quality and price.

The win comes at a time when many NHS Trusts across the UK and Ireland face mounting pressure to treat all symptomatic varicose veins, in accordance with new guidelines issued by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Previously, patient referrals were limited to those only with significantly symptomatic veins but the reality is that is it cheaper to treat people when the symptoms first present as opposed to letting them worsen and end up having to treat the ulcerations and other complications which can follow. The new NICE guidelines mean all symptomatic vein sufferers should now be referred for treatment to reduce the cost of the long term treatment pathway. Moreover, they now specify thermal ablation such as that provided by EVRF as the preferred treatment option, recognizing it as a safe, reliable and cost saving solution.

The EVRF device, which is exclusive to Modern Aesthetic Solutions in the UK and Ireland, halves the consumable cost per treatment in many cases thanks to its proprietary radio frequency (RF) catheter. With around 30,000 procedures of this type carried out on average each year, it is estimated that the EVRF could save the NHS as much as £5 million per annum on the cost of treatment. Since launching to market, Modern Aesthetic Solutions has fielded an increasing number of enquiries from both the public and private sector.

Adam Rubens, Modern Aesthetic Solutions CEO said, “We are absolutely delighted to have secured the supply of RF equipment and catheters to the NHS Trusts across Northern Ireland and we very much hope to continue that trend over the coming months.

“With tightening budgets and a swell in demand for varicose vein treatment, providers are having to look at other options in order to make savings. In many cases, our catheter cost is less than half of what Trusts will have previously paid. EVRF is an office-based solution meaning that it can, or should, be performed in an out-patient facility. This frees up theatre space, avoids the need for anaesthetists and ancillary staff, thereby significantly reducing the cost to the hospital. Moreover the EVRF device is multifunctional, not simply able to treat the GSV but also reticular and perforator veins and spider veins. When our new HR45i probe launches we will also be able to provide hospitals with a cost saving out-patient procedure for the treatment of Haemorrhoids, using the same RF generator.

“Amongst GPs, who are predominantly responsible for patient referral, there seems to be lack of awareness as to the full range of treatments available for varicose veins and, more importantly, their respective cost. Most will be aware of the generic options such as laser, stripping or radio frequency, but we find that many do not necessarily consider the implications of each, particularly when it comes to cost. Their Trusts, managed by the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), will be keen to reduce the treatment cost thereby enabling them to treat a greater volume of patients without impacting on budgets. We are travelling the length and breadth of the country presenting the features and benefits of EVRF to the CCGs so they and ultimately their GPs are fully informed of the options available. This will allow doctors to direct treatment more specifically so they can benefit from the cost savings available”.

To find out more about the revolutionary EVRF device by Modern Aesthetic Solutions, visit, email or call: 0844 884 9966. 

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About EVRF

As well as providing a treatment option for the varicose and saphenous veins, the EVRF is a revolutionary all in one, office-based, solution for the treatment of all veins on both the face and body. For superficial veins, it uses an ultra-fine (generally) insulated needle that allows for their safe and precise closure with minimal trauma to the skin or surrounding tissue. Its range of proprietary hand-held catheters uses the same technology to treat reticular vessels and is a good alternative to sclerotherapy, without the risk of staining. A new accessory probe (HR45i) is soon to be launched to treat Haemorrhoids as a quick and safe out-patient option, thereby reducing the discomfort and downtime for patients as well as creating further significant cost saving opportunities for the NHS.