Moroccan Born DJ Makes Waves On Miami Music Scene

Born facing the sea, Mednas is sweeping the US music scene with a tidal wave of ‘Morocco meets Miami’ house music. Energetic, exciting and steeped in an insatiable groove, the internationally acclaimed DJ is introducing America’s most iconic beach to his distinctive ‘tech meets progressive meets electro’ sound.   

A waterman by nature, Mednas was born in the oceanside city of Casablanca. After growing up in Morocco’s largest city he went on to live in Madrid and Miami. It’s this fusion of ‘East meets West’ that helped Mednas develop his multifaceted style. His eclectic sound has been further enriched by his exposure to a kaleidoscope of musical influences outside of the electronic genre. From Depeche Mode, Chaka Khan and Aretha Franklin to New Order and Pearl Jam, his musical muses echo the diversity of his life experiences.

“For me, electronic music is a refuge where I can combine all my influences, whether they’re classical or contemporary. Yes, the final product falls into the house music category but when I spin my tracks into one awesome party, you can bet that’s there’s a surge of influences making their mark,” says Mednas.

From an early age Mednas was surrounded by sound. His parents enrolled him at a local conservatory to learn the piano, only to find that his rebellious nature was unsuited to the refinement of an arts school. Instead, he pursued his love for music by teaching himself, learning to blend elements of piano and guitar to create utterly unique beats. He gradually became notorious for his musical élan, a reputation that inspired him to start dabbling in the art of the silver needle. From a hobby to a full time profession, Mednas’ love affair with DJing soon led him to the international club scene. 

At 20 he moved to Madrid, quickly scoring gigs at major clubs such as Arena and Cool Ballroom. A handful of Casablanca seasons saw him spin discs at Pacha and Nikki Beach, followed by his final move to Miami. With sultry weather, beautiful people and a lively house music scene, Miami was a natural choice when it came to choosing a new US HQ. Here he paired up with Erick Morillo at Arkadia, to play at Morillo’s Subliminal Sessions. Today, he’s playing out a twice weekly residency at LIV, Miami’s hottest nightlife experience at the iconic Fontainebleau. Not to mention a host of VIP appearances, including a set at the upcoming Sexy by Nature pool party.

His sets have won him international recognition, with support from world famous Electronic music legends such as Tiësto, Kaskade, Erick Morillo, Calvin Harris, Steve Angello, Axwell, ingrosso and many more. For Miami bound nightlife fiends in search of a world-class experience with a global edge, hitting up LIV on a Thursday or Saturday night is a lucid move. 

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Originally from Casablanca, Mednas is a Miami based DJ and producer. He’s currently rocking a twice weekly residency at Miami club LIV, with a focus on tech, progressive and electro house. His track “ILL Behavior” featuring CID reached the Beatport Top Ten chart, with support from world famous electronic music DJs such as Tiësto, Kaskade, Erick Morillo, Calvin Harris, Steve Angello, Axwell, ingrosso and many more.