Moving?  I Am The Agent Offers Advice on What to Expect and How To Handle The Move

Now that you have found your new rental property with the help of online letting agency, I Am The Agent, you’re likely only a few days away from becoming a tenant and settling in to your new home. But don’t let the excitement take over. I Am The Agent wants to help you make sure the important processes aren’t missed. If you’re moving into a rental property for the first time, dealing with the unknown and being unsure of what to expect on the day itself can make what should be an exciting day a very stressful one. This I Am The Agent moving day guide will provide you with all of the information you need to successfully move into your rental property and enjoy the day itself.


When using an online letting agent or estate agent always insist on a receipt for your holding deposit which clearly states the property address, amount and if cash is given request a cash receipt to be noted. If you are meeting a Landlord and there are any doubts to whether the person taking the viewing is the homeowner or the agent is from a credible agency (ombudsmen registered etc), ask for ID or a proof of address before you hand over your well earned cash, do not be overtaken by your heart and your potential new home!

Holding Deposit & Tenancy Agreement

On your visit to the property take a good look around and if you see anything you would like changed such as furniture removal, a professional clean, curtains to be removed, walls to be painted, garage to be empty etc you must stipulate this in the holding deposit or tenancy agreement. If this is not done prior the Landlord or agent will not have to do this after you move in and the property will be let as seen!


Once the deposit has been settled and the rental agreement signed it is time to move in. Before you can move in with confidence, we always advise an inventory should take place, usually agents will use a third party inventory company but if this is not provided by the landlord we advise you to take your own dated photos and notes of any defaults with the property (internally) and on the furniture. A professional inventory will list everything in the property and its condition. Ideally, (but not always possible) you should ask to see this list at least a few days before moving day as it will often determine what you need to take with you, what you can leave behind and what you’ll need to purchase. Avoid making assumptions, as this could leave you in a sticky situation.

On the day of the move, before bringing in the boxes and putting the kettle on, it is advisable to walk round the property with the letting agency representative or the Landlord and make your own notes of the condition of the furniture and facilities in the property. If any damage is present or if there is a discrepancy between what’s on the list and what you see, document this. The best way to avoid disputes further down the line is to take a picture. This will help to ensure the return of your deposit at the end of your rental contract providing you are not responsible for any damage before you leave.

Meter Readings

While the temptation to get stuck into arranging your furniture and organising cupboards is strong, make sure you take meter readings after completing the inventory. Note the location of all water, gas and electricity meters and record their readings before you get settled. Again, you can take pictures if this helps. You will need this information for the utility company to help get your first bill right and to ensure that the correct final statement is provided to the previous tenants or landlord. For organisations sake, it is a good idea to keep your copy of the inventory and the meter readings in the same place so staple them together and place in a folder.

Parking and Bins

If you’ve been allocated a parking space with your property, now is the time to check which space has been set aside for your vehicle and how it is accessed. Secure parking will often require a pass code or key fob so check this before the agent or landlord leaves otherwise you may have problems getting in and out later in the day.

Likewise, find out where the bins and recycling facilities are if the rubbish is stored communally or if you have your own refuse bin, what day it needs to be placed kerbside. When unpacking you’ll generate a lot of extra recycling as cardboard boxes are broken down and general rubbish as carrier bags and other bits and pieces are discarded so make sure you know where and when they can be cleared away.

Post and Security

If you’re moving into an apartment building, very often you’ll have a post box for mail in a communal area. Be sure to get the key to the box so you can access your letters.

If the property has a burglar alarm fitted, ask the landlord or property manager to show you how to change the security code. Change this code as soon as possible so that your property is secure. You may also want to be shown how to set the alarm and disarm it when entering or leaving the property.


Content insurance is one of the things that can get overlooked in the excitement of a move. You can arrange suitable insurance days or weeks in advance but be sure to check that it starts on the day of the move and that it covers your possessions at your new address, not your old one.

Leaving Your Old Property

If you’re leaving a shared property or if you’re moving in with someone who has a place to move out of, make sure that an inventory is also conducted when all personal possessions have been removed. Take photos of any damage or any marks caused by shifting furniture or boxes as the removal gets underway. A final meter reading should also be conducted at the now vacant property so you don’t end up paying for the next tenant’s usage.

Searching for your new property

Not that I Am The Agent likes to blow its own trumpet but using us as your preferred online agent not only saves the landlord thousands, it also more often than not saves the tenants on admin fees and other agency charges. So start your search for your new rental now!

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