Mumpreneur Brings Revolutionary Learning Toy to Kickstarter

A successful Mumpreneur has launched a Kickstarter campaign to put a revolutionary gener-neutral learning toy into production. Shim Offor, a mum of two who already owns children’s clothing company Mooshkie Moo,

is aiming to raise £68,820 to put the stacker educational toy HoopaDoo into production.

After an exciting and successful launch party held in London’s Blueberry bar yesterday, the project went live on Kickstarter and has already received hundreds of pounds from backers.

HoopaDoo consists of nine colourful stacker pieces which can be stacked on the plastic stand and nine engaging story cards. Each story card is double sided and has images which correspond to each stacker – allowing children to connect the two when they are old enough. The versatile toy is designed to grow with babies and toddlers – from as early as six months, babies can use HoopaDoo to help tactile development and the toy has different levels which keeps tots engaged right up until 48 months.

Shim Offor, Mumpreneur behind the HoopaDoo toy said, “The idea for this educational toy came entirely from my own children, who were born 13 months apart and play in completely different ways. My son and daughter both absolutely love playing with stacker toys – but in diverse ways – and I realised the potential to make stacker toys more educational and accessible to more age groups.

“I’ve been researching and working on HoopaDoo for four years now, so I’m really excited to finally get the project launched on Kickstarter. People who back the project will be the first to receive the toy, at a cheaper price, so we’re hoping many people will support the cause.”

With the £68,820 raised from the Kickstarter campaign, Shim will use 72% of the cash to fund tooling costs, 22% to fund manufacturing and 6% on safety testing and shipping.

One of the main ways HoopaDoo can be used to aid development is through storytelling. The stackers and cards can be identified and matched which can then encourage storytelling in group or solo play. HoopaDoo could also be used within nursery settings, allowing adults to use the combined toy to engage children and help them understand the world around them.

For older children, HoopaDoo can help players develop reading and spelling through the story cards. Each card has the stacker name spelled out and also asks the player a question, such as “Something is missing from the bowl, can you see what it is?” HoopaDoo’s educational elements make learning fun, and can aid colour and shape identification, problem solving skills and help them identify different textures and surfaces.

Backers who pledge just £1 or more to HoopaDoo’s Kickstarter campaign can enjoy a wealth of benefits. Those contributing £1 - £11 can download free colouring sheets, while backers pledging £12 or more can choose from a set of bookmarks, coasters, postcards or a poster inspired by the HoopaDoo characters. Pledging £19 will get you your very own HoopaDoo once it has been sent into production, with an estimated delivery of June 2016. It’s a great gift for a new baby as it grows with a child, or if all your family has grown up you can ‘pay it forward’ and the HoopaDoo you have paid for will be gifted to a UK nursery, pre-school or children’s centre.

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HoopaDoo is a colourful new gender neutral toy from independent children’s company, Mooshkie Moo. The toy incorporates an array of different learning experiences, including cognitive development, number recognition, spelling, vocabulary and more.