Music inspired clothing line Crepe Records urge fashion fans to hoard records, not clothes

In a fashion landscape that encourages a constant demand for new collections, fuelling a culture of fast, trend-led, throwaway fashion, new clothing brand Crepe Records calls for a new approach to great style. Inspired by music and a passion for ethically sourced clothing, Crepe Records urges fashion fans to stop collecting a multitude of throwaway clothes, opting for a more considered, staple wardrobe of only high quality pieces instead.

Formed from a love of music, the original inspiration of Crepe Records can be seen throughout the collection of premium graphic T-shirts and limited edition scarves, with characters such as Chimp DJ’s, Tweet Beats, Disco Snail and Funky Badger being available to help each wearer stand out amongst a crowd. The song-based story continues online, as the Crepe Records community is treated to a series of regular DJ mixes and music recommendations from multitalented co-founder Manisha Davidson, educating the Crepe Records followers with unknown tracks and hidden gems discovered from Crepe Records’ travels across the globe.

Manisha Davidson, designer, DJ and co-founder of Crepe Records commented, “Our aim is quite simple – we want everyone who wears a Crepe Records T-shirt to do good, look good and feel good in our pieces. The look good part is achieved through choosing a shirt from our range of hand-drawn designs, with a selection of quirky characters available on each one that is inspired by the exciting world of music - It goes without saying that music and fashion go hand in hand for us here at Crepe Records.”

Manisha continued, “What may be less obvious is the way in which we help our customers ‘do good and feel good’. Ethics is also another key part of our ethos, with all of our t-shirts hand-picked by us from a transparent supply chain, using responsibly sourced materials and manufacturing techniques. Every design is then screen-printed onto each fair-trade cotton tee in London to create a cared for, unique and hand crafted product to be proud of. Owning huge amounts of clothes doesn’t make for great style, and we urge every fashionista to consider buying less, but ‘buying smarter’ to achieve an effortlessly stylish look, time and time again.”

Although the capsule collection at Crepe Records contains just seven designs, each one is packed with personality to form a style statement - enough to carry a strong look for men and women from season to season. Fashionistas looking to simplify their wardrobe for hassle free and feel-good fashion choices every day can kick-start this change with a quirky yet classic tee from the music inspired fashion brand.

To view the full range of designs and to discover exclusive tracks and mixes from Crepe Records, visit, or head straight to their blog at


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From bleeps, breaks, to beats Crepe Records is influenced and inspired by the world of music. Our clothing is for astute, urban individuals with a sense of fun. Music is our inspiration and at the heart of the brand. Here at Crepe Records you’ll find exciting new musical influences to experience. We offer uniquely designed clothing giving each wearer a sense of originality and escapism from their 9-5.