My Real Games celebrates the growth of gaming as a main source of recreational fun

As it is revealed that the games industry is more popular amongst consumers than music and film, online gaming website MyRealGames joins the global community of players in celebrating the growth of gaming as the first choice for entertainment.

Where gaming has always been popular amongst a niche audience, recent years have seen the hobby sky rocket in popularity. Studies say it is now one and half times bigger than the film industry and five times larger than the music industry. To coincide with this, the expected spend for the year on games in estimated at around $92b, overtaking the combined spend of $80b on music and film combined.

Where the monetary values reveal the growth of gaming as a hobby, players need not spend large amounts of cash to enjoy the pastime with free to play gaming websites such as MyRealGames providing a friendly and accessible gaming platform for this new surge of players.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “It is great to see that around the world, more and more people are switching to gaming as an enjoyable way to pass the time. As well as providing a great source of entertainment, this hobby can stimulate the mind and have great mental benefits too. Anyone who is interested in trying out gaming for the first time can do so without the large investment by logging on to and browsing our range of free to play titles. Available to download, to play online or to enjoy on a mobile phone, we strive to create an easy to use gaming hub for anyone looking for a moment of fun.”

Whereas the reason for this growth in popularity remains unclear, the level of interaction involved in gaming could give a clue as to why the public are switching the remote for the console in recent years. Where a watching a film or listening to music is a passive activity, players have the power to dictate what happens next when enjoying a game, leaving them with increased levels of satisfaction.

Fans of action movies can try out the range of thrilling racing games by joining the bikers club at Terminator Bike, or heading back in time to a 1920’s gangland in Mobster Roadster.

Those who listen to music can create their own sounds with Tunes Jungle Adventure, as players are transported to the amazon rainforest to assist the people of the jungle in creating hypnotic rhythms.  

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