My Real Games offers a virtual update on the classic as board games experience a revival

These days, when speaking about the subject of gaming it is immediately associated with digital formats such as video consoles and mobile apps. However, gaming in the traditional sense has been experiencing a revival in recent years and ‘table top’ playing has become popular once more amongst players of all ages. Global gaming platform, My Real Games has a huge category on its website that is dedicated towards games of this genre, offering a virtual update on a classic for board game addicts.

While electronic games are a popular source of entertainment across the world, many ‘board game’ cafés are opening up in the UK, USA and beyond, responding to the growing demand for access to both classic and newly released table top titles. In fact, it was reported that sales of board games (including card and dice games) rose by 20% in the UK in the past year, proving the rate in which this ‘old fashioned’ past time is growing.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “As our world continues to advance digitally, there seems to be a growing trend of consumers rejecting these developments. This is apparent in music; with vinyl sales growing, books; as physical hardbacks still prove to be popular against the kindle, and now it seems that gaming is experiencing a similar fate.”

Free to play gaming platform, My Real Games has a huge selection of titles offering a similar game play, including classic card games that can allow players to indulge in more traditional gaming, but on a modern virtual platform.

Nikolai Veselov continued, “While my gaming platform can’t offer the same experience for players as a board game café can, my dedicated ‘card and board game’ category is a subtle nod of appreciation towards this revival of this classic gaming.”

For some people Chess is the ultimate tabletop game, testing a player’s strategy, timing ultimate and concentration. Even without access to the monochrome board, these skills can still be developed at with Funny Chess and Grand Master Chess 3.

The Jigsaw puzzle may be a little less challenging and strategic than chess, but is no less entertaining, and My Real Games has a varied selection of jigsaw games to please every player. With multi levelled gameplay and adjustable difficulty levels, Jigsaw Boom is perfect for the more advanced puzzle solver, while titles such as Lovely Puzzle offer a more laid back occasion, with beautiful sceneries, animals, urban streets and more to piece back together again.

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