Announce End-Of-Month Game Launch

Fans of popular gaming website have plenty to look forward in the next few weeks, with a huge game drop anticipated at the end of June. Four new titles will be added in the last week of the month, including online card games and puzzle games.

Nikolai Veselov, of said, “We are very excited to launch the brand new selection of games at the end of this month, and we believe all gamers can really look forward to this update. Action, strategy, puzzles and card games are all included in the bumper game pack, with something for fans of all types of game.”

The first of the new titles is the exciting Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power, in which players must save the world through an enthralling mixture of hidden object puzzles and traditional solitaire games. The oldest deck of cards in the world has gone missing from the Museum of Ancient History, presumed stolen. As a deck, these cards are so powerful that they repel all evil, but the cards have been scattered across the world and need to be recovered before they fall into the wrong hands. Solitaire Mystery has hours of exciting puzzles for game-lovers of all persuasions to enjoy.

7 Gates: The Path to Zamolxes is the second game which dropped at the end of May. An example of online puzzle games at their finest, players must explore hidden temples and solve the riddles within in order to collect the hidden treasures from the Dacian gods and return them to your people. Tons of levels offer many hours of fun for even the most avid puzzler.

Royal Defense is the quintessential strategy game, and has a unique fantasy theme complete with castles, trolls, dungeons and villains galore. As defender of the keep, it is your job to protect the kingdom from a rampaging horde of trolls who are on the loose. Strategically set up your army and your defenses to keep the enemies away from as long as possible; take advantage of magic, cannons and a whole range of other features to send the trolls back where they came from. Forty challenging levels, twelve different towers and two unique game settings will keep fans of online strategy games coming back again and again.

Continuing on the theme, Royal Gems is a classic gem-swap game where players earn crystals for completing the levels and may use them to purchase upgrades and power-ups in the integrated shop. Spells, slot machines, bonus points and a whole range of royal bounties up for grabs make this gem game an addictive and exciting addition to the portfolio.

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