‘National Mentoring Day’ Launches as Stats Reveal 1 in 3 SMEs Could Have Benefitted from a Mentor

Award-winning business mentor launches a new national awareness day to draw attention to the benefits of mentoring for businesses, public services, schools, universities and colleges.

Introducing National Mentoring Day – a brand new national awareness day aiming to help celebrate and encourage mentoring in all its forms. Created by Chelsey Baker, an award-winning mentor in her own right, the day will help to raise awareness about the plethora of mentoring opportunities available, for businesses and other organisations to connect with much-needed mentors.

A study by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills found that a third of all SMEs reported there was a time when they could have benefitted from access to a mentor – but 39% had no idea how they would go about finding one.

More importantly, research has shown that 70% of small businesses which receive mentoring survive for five years of more; double the rate when compared with non-mentored start-ups. 67% of businesses have also reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring. The evidence is clear: mentoring can help businesses to succeed, but many organisations are still unaware of the many positive benefits of mentoring services.

The UK’s inaugural National Mentoring Day hopes to change all of that. Taking place on October 27th every year, the new national awareness day will pay tribute to mentoring organisations and raise awareness for both mentors and those being mentored. Across the UK mentors are being invited to join in and celebrate the awareness day and share tips, experiences and success stories with the aim of connecting mentors and mentees.

Chelsey Baker, Founder of National Mentoring Day, says, “As an experienced business mentor myself, I have seen first-hand how the right guidance can turn things around for individuals and businesses. But statistics show that many organisations have no idea how much mentors can help them, let alone how to go about procuring a mentor. National Mentoring Day will draw much more attention to the topic of mentoring; communicating the significant benefits with interactive discussions and social media activities.”

The theme for the first National Mentoring Day will be ‘Mentoring Rocks’. Both mentors and mentees will be invited to share their experiences of mentoring or pay tribute to the assistance they received, to recognise the significant impact that mentoring can have. 

Ms Baker adds, “The aim of National Mentoring Day is to introduce more organisations to this shared vision. Mentoring should be accessible and available to any business, individual or group that needs it, and this new national awareness day will help to draw crucial attention to existing mentoring services, as well as encouraging bright business minds to consider becoming mentors themselves.”

For more information about National Mentoring Day, please visit: http://nationalmentoringday.org/. High res images are available upon request.



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Chelsey is one of the UK’s leading business mentors, author of "The Pocket Mentor" and creator of "Broadcasting Your Business," the pitch, PR and publicity mentoring programme helping entrepreneurs raise their profile. She recently won the British Bankers' Association "Excellence in Enterprise Mentoring Award" and this year won the prestigious title of "Business Mentor of the Year" awarded by Start Your Business magazine. Chelsey is dedicated to encouraging enterprise and supporting entrepreneurs; she has successfully mentored hundreds of businesses throughout the UK and is well known for her inspirational mentoring. Chelsey is a sales, marketing and communications expert, an authority on having the 'perfect pitch' and a specialist in pitching for investment. For more information please visit http://broadcastingyourbusiness.com/