Natural Furniture Company Unveil Organic Textured Wall Coverings

Interior designers, architects and homeowners searching for more natural materials can find the ideal solution in a range of handmade textured wall coverings from The Natural Furniture Company. The eco-friendly décor is made from natural materials such as bamboo, jute and grass and The Natural Furniture Company is the only European stockist of the revolutionary products.

Alan Clayton, Director of The Natural Furniture Company said, “These all-natural wall coverings are about to shake up the interior design market. As they are handmade, each metre is completely unique so it creates a highly sought after bespoke feel. Using sustainable materials, this range is firmly placed at the top end of environmentally conscious design.”

The naturally textured wall coverings offer an interesting and appealing alternative to traditional wallpaper – feature walls come alive with the installation of grasscloth, rattan, pewter and leaves which are hand collected by farmers. The natural wall coverings are also ideal for introducing biophilic design into living and working spaces.

Supporters of biophilic design have long promoted the benefits of reconnecting with nature in urban spaces; reducing stress, enhancing creativity and improving general wellbeing. In the last couple of decades interior designers have took notice of biophilia and started to experiment with integrating natural landscapes and features of the great outdoors into the design of buildings and interiors.

The living walls trend can be attributed to the biophilic design philosophy. Interior designers all over the world are discovering ways of bringing the “outside” “inside” and a living wall of plants and sustainable materials is a great way to do so. However green walls are living entities, and require a lot of maintenance whether indoor or outdoor. For designers and homeowners who want a little bit of nature to showcase in their space without the ongoing effort, a natural wall covering is ideal.

Alan Clayton added, “Biophilic design is becoming more commonplace in offices and homes, and green architecture is also building momentum. By fusing natural materials such as jute, bamboo and mica onto robust backing paper, homeowners and interior designers can discover a new way to revamp spaces using natural materials from our environment.”

The unique wall coverings are available in a wide range of textures and colours.

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The Natural Furniture Company specialises in handmade natural textured wall coverings and contemporary furnishings from the modernist era.  We are extremely proud to be the only UK and European stockists of our unique collection of eclectic wall coverings.  We are also very passionate about the biophilic design angle and the sustainable eco-friendly element to our collection of furnishings. Our wall coverings are perfectly placed to work within the new and popular design practices of marrying the outdoors with the indoors to create a unified environment.