NBTranslate Launches New Document Service For Those With Homes Overseas

Socially responsible language provider NBTranslate will launch a cost-effective new service specifically for those who own property overseas later this month. Inspired by a wave of confused overseas property investors seeking translation services for letters and other day-to-day correspondence, the West Yorkshire firm will provide a gist of the document for a fixed fee, telling the recipient what the letter is about without the cost of a full translation.

NBTranslate founder Nicola Beedle said, “The reason we decided to launch this service is that many people simply rely on their friends and family to tell them what's in the letter as they don't want to pay an expensive amount for a translation. However, this can lead to problems if the friend or family member doesn't quite understand or misses out something important. This way, the client pays a nominal amount and knows for certain what is in the letter and gets a sentence or so as a summary.”

A recent HiFX Property Hotspots report found that eurozone turmoil had done little to dampen the nation’s love affair with its continental neighbours. France is the preferred destination for 22% would-be buyers, with Spain a close second - 19% of those looking for a place overseas are scouring the Costas. In contrast, the British Council reports that 62% of British nationals speak only English and figures show the popularity of language learning in schools is declining. This imbalance between the number of expats moving abroad for at least part of the year and the number fluent in the language of their chosen destination means the demand for reliable, affordable language services is likely to grow significantly over the coming months.

Thanks to economic problems in France and Spain, there is an abundance of great property deals on the market for those looking to buy a second home abroad, feeding the real estate exodus. Although more and more Brits are being lured by the promise of snapping up a place in the sun for a hugely discounted price, the process of purchasing a property and the day-to-day details of life in another language can quickly bring the buyer back down to earth.

Ms Beedle added, “For many, the paperwork that comes with owning a home in a foreign country raises its own set of problems and these become apparent very quickly. Not speaking the language means there is no way to know what that official looking letter from the bank or community board actually says and relying on friends or other expats can be a hit and miss experience. Our new service solves this problem, giving the addressee a professional, clear and concise insight into what the letter actually says, letting them decide what their next step will be.”

To find out more about NBTranslate and all of its professional language services, please visit http://www.nbtranslate.com

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About NBTranslate: Based in West Yorkshire, NBTranslate was founded by Nicola Beedle. It offers a range of bespoke, socially responsible language services including transcription and translation. 15% of the revenue generated from each service goes directly to the customers’ nominated charity. Registered charities can access NBTranslate services for free.