New App Brings Social Approach To Goal Setting

Personal goals are made more achievable than ever with the launch of new iOS app, Golsie. Pegged as the ‘social network of achievement’ the free app offers a fun and engaging social platform to help ambitious users set goals, track progress and successfully complete objectives.

The app is based around a three stage process of Define, Track and Share and Achieve. Define helps users create initial goals and allows for detailed descriptions, the setting of a target date, addition of a photo and adjustments to privacy settings. Track and Share brings a social aspect to the app which gives users a chance to add steps, questions and notes to the goal. It also encourages networking and communication with other Golsie users in order to find a community of inspirational friends and people with similar goals. Achieve is the final stage wherein goal setters become increasingly closer to reaching their goal and are eventually able to mark it as completed.

The journey to goal completion is peppered with elements of fun, engagement and interaction and rewards users with points, badges and levels as they make progress. Friendly rivalry is encouraged, the app allowing users to compete with friends and fellow goal setters for an added element of motivation.

Tom Malloy, Golsie Co-Founder said, “Golsie means no-one has to embark on goal setting alone. The fun and social interface ensures that goal setting and achievement is an interactive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.”

Golsie is also compatible with social networking platforms which let users to share their goals and accomplishments through sites such as Facebook. This further adds to the army of supporters and allows users to thrive off public encouragement and advice that is often essential to achieving difficult goals.

The entire process is wonderfully social and gives users a chance to draw on the inspiration and encouragement of others when they need it the most.

The Golsie database includes over 100,000 lifestyle, health, fitness, educational and career goals that have been developed with the help of a number of well-known advisors, behavioural scientists and coaches.

The Madrid-based start up is gaining rapid popularity amongst smartphone users who wholeheartedly embrace the idea of embarking on a fun, social and interactive path to goal achievement. Golsie also gained industry recognition when it was selected to take part in Madrid based technological start-ups accelerator, Top Seeds Lab.  

The Golsie app was developed at the IE Venture Lab at the International Centre for Entrepreneurial Management. The Golsie team is led by Tom Malloy, Denny Morawiak and Sriram Vaidhyanathan.

The exciting new app is now available for free download from the Apple App Store.

To find out more about Golsie visit: For an exclusive glimpse into the ever growing database of goals try out the interactive demo:




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About Golsie: Created by Tom Malloy, Denny Morawiak and Sriram Vaidyhanathan, Golsie is a new iOS application offering a platform for social encouragement to achieve existing goals as well as a source of inspiration to set new ones. The free app is fun, interactive and engaging and gives users a chance to draw on the support and motivation of others to help navigate the path to success. The app was developed at the Spanish IE Venture Lab and has received the support of Madrid based technological start-ups accelerator, Top Seeds Lab.